Canbury School Newsletter 14th May 2021. Issue 235

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

Evie's calming composition above, snapped at Isabella Plantation, is a fitting banner photograph for this week's Newsletter, as we have been marking (good) mental health week. More of that later.

This week I had the pleasure of being invited to watch the Yr 11 drama piece for their BTEC award. I was so impressed with Harry B, Victor and Rhian. Not only did they have to perform their 21st century take on Pinocchio but they also had to manage the music, costume changes, and props simultaneously. It really was a fabulous performance and made me laugh out loud several times!

Fabulous thespians at work.

Another pleasure I had yesterday was the annual school photograph which we had to stage in the hall, in sittings, since the weather was not kind. It was great fun to see the Christmas deer put up for the event - well it's my last school photograph and I decided I wanted her in it. So she is. Here's Mr Fairbrass, who wasn't expecting that job yesterday morning when he arrived at 7.30am!

Oh deer (groan), we had to be inside for the school photograph yesterday.

Every year I look forward to listening to the students deliver their Prefect Speeches (hustings) to the whole school which will be held next Friday. Not only is it an opportunity to hear new ideas for the school, it also reminds us all that there is no barrier to developing leadership skills here at Canbury.

I don't often get a chance to participate in the lunchtime clubs but today Matthew A in Year 11 offered me a game of chess against him in the Chess Club.

Chess Club Concentration.

I thought I would lose in about five moves, however I managed to fend him off! We are re-matching next Friday.....

Finally, a reminder that from Monday face masks will no longer be required in the classroom, as per Government guidelines. Students and staff are free to discard their masks in the classroom, or continue to wear them. But it is now discretionary. Brighter days ahead.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

All students for fantastic participation in the wellbeing session!

Great work in English from everyone - brilliant presentations on “Unusual animals of the world”.

All Year 7 for their fabulous first-ever whole school assembly last week on topics of personal interest.

Year 8

Ollie, Freddie, Thomas, Layla, Chloe and Karim for their focused work on triggers’ and impulses’ when learning and practicing mindfulness in well being.

Chloe for attending Crafting Club this week - you are a wonderful addition to our group and we will see you next week.

Thomas for excellent work in English on word classes and language features.

Jessica for her help and compassion when another student was injured playing cricket.

Year 9

Fantastic collaborative work seen between Zac and Adam in art/photography, with the boys independently coming up with a solution that benefits them both.

Excellent independent digital editing skills shown by Flora in art/photography.

Hannah for being such a supportive friend.

Issy for her perseverance and determination in her personal goals!

Flora for her hard work in history.

Year 10

Matthew, Otti, Harry A and Shaaiyon for the hard work they have applied in their extra GCSE Statistics lessons, throughout this academic year. There is your last additional assessment to go on Monday - and then you are done. Well done!

Otti for putting up with Mrs Rich's last minute charity prefect requests and demands! Thank you again Otti!!

Year 11

Max, Louis and Evie for the hard work they have also applied in their extra GCSE Statistics lessons, throughout this academic year. There is just the one last additional assessment to go on Monday, and then you too are done. Eyes on the prize students, eyes on the prize.

Max, Evie, Rhian, Aansh, Louis, Armani and Ms Campera for making the GCSE photography shoot in Richmond Park such an enjoyable experience.

A massive congratulations to Harry, Rhian and Victor for an amazing final BTEC performance. You have all come so far since Mr Batten first met you and he says he is very proud of what you have achieved.

Year 13

Luca for his kind and supportive manner towards fellow students - you are a real gentleman.

Also thanks to Luca from the Year 8 team - we really appreciate all your help!

House News

Woo hoo - congratulations to Angus who has achieved his Gold/Green House Badge for a whopping 200 HP and was awarded it in assembly at lunchtime. Well done Angus.

In other House News the chocolate challenge was a hoot this week with students getting stuck right in. Congratulations to Angus (1st), Matthew T and Emilia (2nd) and Layla (3rd). Well done on picking up HPs for your Houses. The final House challenge of this half term is entitled "don't break the egg" where students will create a parachute for their egg. Don't even ask! The art room at 1pm at 25th May is the place, time and date for you to make a note of.

Chocs away, the House competition gets competitive.

The Canbury Summer fair...

....is a little over six weeks away, on Wednesday 30th June. We want to make it the best ever - it's got to be twice as good as 2019 to make up for it being cancelled in 2020 and it's Ms Clancy's last. So please do get thinking about what you could donate to it. All of the items below (and anything along similar lines) will be gratefully received:

  • Chocolate;
  • Bottles (soft and alcoholic - but the latter MUST be handed in personally to the office; and CANNOT be given to your child to bring in. It must be done by an adult, thank you);
  • Good quality books for grown ups and younger people alike;
  • Gorgeous new un-opened stationery, candles, smellies etc;
  • Luxury food items you might find in a hamper;
  • Clean, good quality Canbury School uniform.

Parent information session invitation.

Jigsaw (South East) offers grief support to children and young people who have experienced the death of a significant family member through illness, accident, suicide or murder. We have been made aware of an upcoming session which they are holding for parents and carers of children/young people who have lost a loved one, with the emphasis being based around families who have already been bereaved. This session will be held via zoom, further details below.

Good mental health - we ALL need a little help every now and then.

We have been marking Mental Health Awareness week, which this year has taken a nature theme, with all manner of things bright and beautiful. This has included brightening up the outdoor spaces around the school with help from our green-fingered students, and the Year 11 photographers taking a two hour walk and photoshoot on Monday in Richmond Park.

Rhian and Aansh get to work in the great outdoors.

It was a lovely start to the week, time to enjoy fresh air, the stunning azelias in the Isabella Plantation and simply the opportunity to listen to the sounds and breathe in the smells of the park. On Thursday before our weekly staff meeting Ms Chorazyczewska led a ‘sounds and thoughts mindfulness’ session where we sat outside and really listened and focused on all the surrounding noises.

Thoughtful work from Aansh (top) and Rhian (below) from their nature walk.

And if you watch one thing this weekend - and let's be honest, we'll all be looking at our screens more than once this weekend - then please make time for these powerful words of less than three minutes from Sir Richard Attenborough, on the benefits to our mental health from nature.

And if this leaves you wanting more, head over to:

https://www.bbcearth.com/mindful-escapes which is a new BBC series described as a' tonic for today’s busy world'. The series expertly combines exquisite, often unseen footage, natural soundscapes, and mindfulness narration to immerse viewers in the natural world. Episodes explore what animals and nature can teach us about breathing, change, joy, and rest. It’s the perfect introduction to experiencing nature through a mindful lens and is offered by Andy Puddicombe, Headspace app man and mindfulness expert.

Taking responsibility for her mental health this week was Mrs Porter, who stopped to admire the sun going up, on her walk to work, and going down, on her way home.

Canbury Sport.

And talking of good mental health, there's nothing better than whacking a ball or catching it and/or running your legs off. We LOVE a bit of raised heart rate (in a good way)!

The joy of more Science practicals continues.

Ms Mountain is busy cracking the whip in the Canbury Laboratory - she just loves a practical! Here we see Year 10 doing a chromatography of chlorophyll to separate the pigments, and Year 8 balancing equations.