Ava's Journey By: MylEigh REpp

It was another day, Ava and her parents were looking at seashells in the ocean. They are water droplets and have lived for billions of years. They have been on so many journeys together.

Something was happening, Ava was evaporating.

" mommy!", Ava screamed. " Daddy!"

She is on her way to the river and her parents were going to the plants. She didn't feel right right. Ava didn't know anyone except her friend, Maya. She is very caring and trust worthy.

She wasn't with her relatives either. So they tried to stay together, until they found them. A little after they condensed to the ground water. They were down there for years. They finally got out. Shenfelt nervous without mom and dad.

Later they transpertated to the lake, hoping there parents would be there. After that they both accumulated back to the river.

" Drip!", other water droplets were coming in the water. "Drop!"

Then She sublimated to the plants. She thought she would see them, but they weren't there. Neither was, Maya. She saw here evaporating into the clouds.

She was alone, with no one by her side. She was sublimating on the glacier. She turned into iced snow.

Shebwent to the lake, She found her parents and Maya. After that She would hope She never lost them again.


Created with images by ataribravo99 - "water drop still" • tpsdave - "glen canyon utah landscape"

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