Lewis Hine Maiquel Geronilla Period 7

Lewis Hine was born on September 26, 1874 in Oshkosh WI and died on November 3, 1940 in Dobbs Ferry NY

Lewis Hine was a child labor photographer

Lewis Hine probably used most photography techniques in his pictures, but never had one particular technique that he focused on, or didn't have a technique that he was famously known for

In 1907, Hine was a staff photographer of the Russel Sage Foudation

Lewis Hine took his photographs with a 5x7 view camera which had a rapid rectilinear lens

Lewis Hine used magnesium flash for his lighting in his photographs

Lewis Hine didn't really have any influences in his life, he decided on photography on his own

Hine's work was very dangerous, he was threatened multiple times with violence of even death by factory police and foremen

I was always interested in learning about child labor which is why I chose Lewis Hind as my famous photographer to research

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