Being 15 in Ethiopia Isabelle Maynard--comp 9

-Aeschylus explains Ethiopia, as a "land far off, a nation of black men." "The name 'Ethiopia' derives from the Greek ethio, meaning 'burned' and pia meaning 'face': the land of the burned faced peoples." Ethiopia is a country with 80 different ethnic groups (culture of ethiopia)
Being 15 in Ethiopia is troubled yet hopeful, because of education and family decisions.
Families are unable to send their kids to school, if they have little to no money. When families have enough money, they can send their kids to secondary school. This is uncommon for many families.
"Education in Ethiopia is poor, and below average. Especially for women and girls. Boys have better access to education than girls. Statistics show, that for every 100 boys enrolled in secondary education, there are approximately 77 girls only." (unesco global parter ship for girls' and women's education)
Girls are expected to work, and become mother's at 15. While they can still attend secondary school, the sad truth is that it's more normal to become mothers and abide by their husband's expectations.

School is way different in Ethiopia rather than school in America. Even though some kids strive for a future, they don't always get the opportunity to achieve these dreams. Learning is even worse for girls.

Family decisions in Ethiopia are hopeful. Even though many girls can't continue school, their father's pick a man who best fits their daughter(s). She learns how to move on with her life. This sounds strange to us, but it is a normal, everyday thing for people in this country. It can be troubling, because girls have to sometimes abandon school for housework duties, and having families of their own.

My evidence connects to my criteria and claim, because in my claim I stated that school is hopeful, yet troubled for 15 year old's in Ethiopia.

15 year old's in Ethiopia are commonly forced to quit going to school, because of money and family decisions. Boys have a better chance to attend to secondary school, while girls do housework, until told who to marry by her father.

Most girls my age end up pregnant and already mothers-- when in reality, they are still kids, and aren't ready for this kind of work yet. That’s why most young mothers end up dead.

"About 80 percent of all maternal deaths in Ethiopia, are due to haemorrhage, infection, unsafe abortion, hypertensive disorders, and obstructed labour, along with HIV/AIDS and malaria, said a senior Health Ministry maternal health expert, Frewoine Gebrehiwot" ( IRIN still too many deaths in childbirth)

This reasoning supports my claim, because girls are subjected to be wives and mothers by their fathers and their husbands.-- these acts can lead to major illnesses and deaths.

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