How is the prison system Corrupted?

The United States statistics reveal that the "U.S accounts for 5% of global population, but houses 25% of the world’s prisoners." Out of the world's 223 countries, the United States has the world's second highest incarnation rate: 707 per 100,000 and it costs nearly four times as much to keep an inmate in jail for a year as it costs to send a child to school.

So Why are there so many prisoners?

One of many assumptions is War on drugs, we’re targeting people for drug dealing and drug possession, and we’re filling up our prisons with all of these drug related offenses. Another assumption is long sentences and excessive punishment for people with violent convictions. With 2.2 million people in prison mass incarnation is the greatest moral and racial injustice of our time. While mass incarceration continues to grow there's another problem that many aren't aware of that is also a very big problem in our prison systems which is: cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions. The worst indignity of all, is that the officers both male and female use their position of power to pressure inmates into sexual activities, drug smuggling activities, etc just to get basic necessities such also toilet paper, soap,etc. While overcrowding, violence, sexual abuse and other conditions pose risks to prisoners health and safety mass incarceration is still on the move and will continue to rise if we all continue to be blindsided and do nothing about it.

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