Child Labour In india By: jacob fishman

My article, by an unknown author, has a summary lead. "India's parliament has approved a controversial law that would allow children to work for family businesses, despite widespread concern by the UN and other rights advocates that it will push more minors into labour."

28 Million. Do you know what that number means? That's the number of children in India without a childhood. That's the number of kids under 14 who are illegally forced to work in possibly hazardous conditions. That's the number of child Labourers in India. That is what needs to be stopped.

That was my own lead for this topic. It was a creative lead.

Child labour is something that greatly affects the children of India. According to UNICEF's estimate, nearly 16% of children are Child Labourers. This has been happening for a long time, and it is still happening today. This happens when employers go up to impoverished families and offer their kid a salary if they work a little bit. So, the family will say yes, and the kid will go off to work. But, a lot of the time, it ends up being treacherous work for less pay than what was promised, and way less than minimum wage. Also, kids have to drop out of school to work in these hazardous jobs, so in the future it is likely these kids will never end up getting jobs, considering they didn't go to school.

My article's conclusion is a quote from UNICEF. "'This will protect children from being exploited in invisible forms of work, from trafficking and from boys and girls dropping out of school due to long hours of work,'it said."

If I were to write a conclusion for this topic, it would be this: Child labour is a horrible thing, and it needs to be stopped. Those 28 million kids being forced to work long hours every day of the week for little to no pay need to be let free. The only way to do that is if we work together.


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