St. Patrick "Patron Saint" By: skye fox

Birth and death dates:

St. Patrick was born in 387 AD and he died in 461 AD.


He is a Patron of Ireland; however, he was not born in Ireland. St. Patrick is known for converting Ireland to Christianity in the AD 400s.

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Day in which this saint is celebrated in the church:

St. Patrick's day is on March 17.

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Interesting facts:

March 17th is the day when St. Patrick died. St. Patrick was not Irish, he was born in Scotland. He got kid napped to be a slave when he was 16 years old. At age 22, he managed to escape from slavery. St. Patrick also was the first to use the shamrock to preach about the trinity.

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Prayer to Saint Patrick

Dear St. Patrick,

You have the power and ability to teach nations about our lord. Help and guide me to lead a more Christian life. Help me open up and preach to my piers about our lord and his love. Help me open the eyes of people who have not yet seen the glory of our lord and what his love can do for our world.


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