Touching the feet.

Sarah, Penlee Cluster churches Indian vistor.

The picture is of an Indian cricket batsman Sachin Tendulkar – considered the best in the world and holding many records - touching the feet of an elderly person who is his childhood coach.

What makes a man having such great records touch his coach’s feet, I wonder?

In the Indian culture, Hinduism considers and practices this act as a mark of respect and a sign of humility.

This practice is an old custom wherein the person who touches the feet is showing his or her respect to the one whose feet he or she is touching and usually these are elders and those who are accomplished.

As acknowledgement, the person whose feet are being touched, blesses the one with long life, fortune and wisdom. This act is more often seen during auspicious occasions like a wedding or festivals, or when one is going to face a challenge like an exam or an interview.

Seeking the blessing via touching the feet is like receiving positive words such as ‘all the best’ or ‘my prayers are for you and may you succeed in everything you do’.

On Sunday morning at our Sunrise communion service at our Celtic quiet garden outside Paul Church Cornwall we read the account of Jesus’ resurrection.

“The women came to Jesus and took hold of his feet and worshipped him”…….they showed Jesus that love and respect. And in return Jesus blesses them tand tells them not to be afraid….and to go and tell others about what had happened.

I wonder how we will touch the feet of Jesus…..showing him such respect and love?

I wonder how we might be about to tell others about the love and respect we have for Jesus?

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