Arles 2017 Dark Portrait Photography

Second season of my portrait studio project.

I use an old photography technique from 1850 call wet plate collodion to produce tintype with a wooden bellow camera.

In our modern time where image have lost their physical existence, I like to produce long lasting document in metal plate.

This image don't have any negative, it's only one unique object.

Here some scan version , but we lost something important with this digital version as it's not black and white picture in reality but silver on black.

Most of the time I don't have the occasion to scan the picture , so i use my phone to try to keep a scent of my work. When people like it my work is leaving with them.

Sometime I shot outside the gallery , I appreciate a lot to be part of the street life. I'm in a narrow pedestrian street

Created By
jonathan pierredon

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