Racing in the rain Garth stein

"People,like dogs,love repetition. Because as much as each incident is similar, so it is different."(79)

This quote is saying that, every incindent maybe the same always, but it is also different.

"Not all dogs return as men, they say;only those who are ready. I am ready."(82)

This quote is saying that not all dogs return as men. Only the ones that are ready. Enzo says that he is ready.

"This is what she was afraid of."(86)

This quote is said my Denny. He was telling Mike that Eve is afraid of hospitals.

"I was not always included, being a dog."(89)

This quote is said by Enzo. He said that since he is a dog, he isn't always included into everything.

"We danced and laughed and ran and pretended we were angles."(93)

This quote is said by Enzo. He was playing outside in the backyard with Zoë. Zoë was in a ballerina costume and Enzo was wearing bumblebee wings.


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