Shelters In Need. have you ever wondered how raise money for local shelters??

Woof! Woof! You heard the sound of dogs barking as you walked into the dog food and wet dog smelling shelter. What is a shelter you ask? A shelter is were you might have gotten your little pup from. Where is a local shelter near you? How do you raise money to help dogs? And whats the purpose of a dog shelter?


The time has come. Your Family and you have decided to finally get a dog. But wait one second!! You don't know where to get it from. You should probably get it from a great shelter that does not kill the animals. You should maybe get it from a ASPCA. ASPCA stands for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals. An ASPCA is a place where they take in hurt or abandon animals. Now you know what an ASPCA is back to shelters. There is a AMAZING no Kill shelter in New Jersey, New York., 590 NORTH W STATE ROAD BRIARCLIFF MANOR 10510. Another one is 5413 82ND AVE DORSAL FL STATION 33166 NJ. Here's how You can look up the shelter, breeder ASPCA Etc that's right for you. Do some research on the shelter, like pick out a dog look, at the address, look at collars, dog food, and toys and bowls. Then call ask some questions. Now you're set. But be careful!! When you're searching the shelter for a dog bring other dogs and cats to meet the dog you like. Just in case they don't get along. Now you know where shelters are and how to pick the one that's right for you!!

A dog having fun at a shelter. This shows how dog shelters treat the dogs well sometimes.


So, you have the shelter you are going to pick from. And you realize you would like to raise some money to keep the dogs and the shelter in Tip Top shape. You could maybe teach a neighbor parent or a friend how to play a simple fun sport such as Soccer Lacrosse or Golf. It's a GREAT way to help earn money. Have some old items you don't need or want?! You could have a garage sale!! Get outside and sell some old things. It's a fun and easy way to raise money. Do you see a neighbor's lawn getting frizzy, wild, and just out of control?? You could lend them a hand and earn a few bucks by mowing it for them. Yes it's tiring and not easy to learn in a day or to, But once you get the hang of it is as easy as a piece of pie!! You could also simply wash a car!! Some ways to raise money indoors are, Make T shirts for somebody's team, business, or if you, a friend or neighbor (etc) are just are sick and tired of buying clothes from a store and you just want to make your own new fashion.You could make your own cool shirt, and sell them. It is actually very easy and simple to make a shirt. All you need is a shirt, a stencil, and fabric paints!! You could simply make a festive wreath for any of the seasons and holidays. All you need is fabrics,leaves,a Styrofoam ring,paint,any type of sequins or buttons, and lots and lots of feathers. You could customize it any way, and you could add many more decorations to it!! The options are endless!! You could create a game!! Put buttons, gumballs, or paper clips in a jar. Go to a carnival or a fair and ask for 50 cents or $1.00 for people to guess how many are in the jar.


Sometime you think to yourself, gee, i don't know the purpose of a shelter.. Sometimes if someone has a dog and it has puppies, they will have about a dozen (or more!!). and then people will give the puppies in if they cant care for them all. Another reason why shelters have a purpose is, some dogs are abandon. They are left to die outside in the elements. Some are hurt by there owners and shelters are there to take them in and care for them. Some of the dogs they bring in are just puppies. Puppies have to stay there until they are old enough to leave. Some times whole dog family's get's put in a shelter. Before the puppies can get adopted, they have to be old enough. But who will take care of the baby puppies if there family's member's are old enough to get adopted and get adopted? The shelter has workers that tend to lonely puppies. Shelters will also sometimes put young puppy's together until they grow older. They deserve more space because they are bigger and sometimes older puppies fight. Also other times baby puppies that are super super young that get's put together they will stay there when they get older. Because they have been together for so long sometimes they will not want to leave each other. Some shelters will put the dogs to sleep if nobody adopts them. The shelters will get full and out of space for other dogs. But ASPCA's (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.) don't. They always have room for new animals. ASPCA's always have time for each and every animal to.

Now you can see that animal shelters are very helpful and very needed. They help those animals in need. Every where you look, don't see them but somewhere where you are there there is 1.2 Million dogs hiding and trying to take shelter. Every year at least 3.9 dogs are abandon. Also 2.7 million dogs are euthanized every year to. Woof! Woof! Now you here dogs barking where you are and instead of at the shelter.

Words to know: Dozen Noun (Do-zen.) A group or set of twelve.

Abandon: verb (A-ban-don.) cease to support or look after someone

euthanized: Verb (eu-tha-nize.) put (someone, especially a dog or cat.) to death.

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