Evolution of housing in Newcastle Terrace houses

White terrace

Terrace housing first originated in Europe in the 17th century. The ackitechure was from London and Australia. This style of housing only became popular between 1850 to 1890 in Australia.

Gray Terrace house

Large numbers of terraced houses were built in the inner suburbs of large Australian cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, mainly between the 1850s and the 1890s, the reason behind this was because many people could not afford a car so the houses were built in the inner city where people worked.

Roundtree st terraces

These houses mostly belonged to the wealthy or working class. The most common building material used was brick, often covered with stucco. Many of these houses can be 2-4 storeys high.

A row of terraces

Sydney has some of Australias oldest terrace homes. It is not unusual to see houses that are up to five storeys high because of Sydneys higher density.

Terrace houses now are not so ideal to live in, the shared side walls provide little privacy, the houses will rarely have a backyard but sometimes have a veranda or porch. Sharing side walls means that the inner middle houses do not have windows on their side walls, only on the back and front. Terrace houses are also known to get very damp and cold because of the building style. The dampness may also lead to mould.

Damp wall on a Terrace house where the rain got into the walls

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