Bipolar Disorder

The mental illness i'm researching is bipolar disorder. This disorder is alternating periods of depression usually with intervals of normal mood.

Some physical characteristics consist of physical sluggish, energy loss, and weight loss. Risk factors are things such as high stress levels, drug or alcohol abuse or major life changes like a loss of a family member.

People with a creative type of character usually are prone to this disorder. They may daydream about things that bring them joy and it distracts them from other bad thoughts or feelings.

Paying attention to signs, avoiding drugs and alcohol and taking medicine when directed are potential strategies to prevent bipolar disorder.

Feeling overwhelmed with really high or elated for long periods of time, going to stores on a spending rampage, talking very fast, and twitchy are all signs of someone that could be suffering from bipolar disorder.

Mood stabling medicine such as lithium carbonate and valproic acid can prevent the recurrence of bipolar/depression. There is no cure for bipolar disorder, but with treatment people tend to have happier and better lives.

People with bipolar or depression disorders tend to have lower levels of serotonin, which controls mood, appetite, and sleep.

To help a friend out with this disorder you can encourage them, giving them unconditional love while educating yourself in one’s illness. Also making sure they stick to the treatment routine, such as medication.

Some common myths are it's is impossible to help someone with bipolar disorder. Kids do not get diagnosed with bipolar.

Examples of famous people who've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder are Demi Lovato, Vincent Van Gogh, and Winston Churchill.



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