Use this campaign partner toolkit to help more people to feedback on their care!

Long-term conditions focus

On Thursday 17 September, we launch a month-long focus encouraging people with long term or invisible conditions to speak up.

People with long-term health conditions are some of the most frequent users of health and care services and can be among the most vulnerable. However, we know they're also one of the best groups at feeding back on care – to know what services are working well and where care may need to be improved.

Research has shown us they are now less inclined to share their experience during this time and we want to remind to people with long term or invisible conditions to continue to feedback on their care - or that of a loved one. Health and care services want more people to share their experiences so they can learn and find out how to help.

Year-long campaign overview

Because We All Care is a year-long campaign led by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Healthwatch England in response to coronavirus (COVID-19). As the country pulls together to recover from the impact of coronavirus, Because We All Care aims to encourage more people to share their experiences of care to help the NHS and social care services identify and address quality issues and provide the best care possible.

If you work for a health or social care service or support patients and service users, join the campaign to help spread the word and help more people to have their say on health and social care! The campaign is supported by CQC and Healthwatch but anyone can take part, whether you run a social care or NHS service, work for a charity or just want to encourage more people to share their experiences of care.

Our research indicates that people support health and care services more than ever and want to do more to support them in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. This year-long campaign aims to harness this by supporting more people to have their say. We want to promote the positive benefits of sharing feedback on care - either with providers directly or third-parties such as CQC and Healthwatch - and how that can help services to provide the best possible level of care. Over the long-term, the campaign aims to help create an environment where sharing feedback on care becomes the norm.

How can you get involved?

We've produced a range of resources to help you get involved in the campaign, sharing content throughout 2020 to keep up the campaign’s momentum. You can also use the campaign yourself to get feedback from those you support.

The campaign will be promoted through a combination of traditional and social media activity to reach as many people as possible. You can help to support this by sharing the posts and materials to encourage feedback for your organisation, by:

  • Sharing campaign messaging and assets on social media (outlined in this toolkit)
  • Retweeting or resharing content from CQC, Healthwatch and other partners social channels

Over the coming months, you can also adopt the campaign in your own work, to increase the level of feedback you receive for your service directly:

  • Contributing case study stories
  • Supporting the campaign on your website (e.g. campaign landing page or blogs)
  • Using campaign templates to develop your own content
  • Highlighting the campaign in other communications (e.g. newsletters)
  • Referencing or supporting the campaign through owned press activity
  • Putting up posters about the campaign in local service locations (e.g. waiting rooms).

Key messages

The key messages we want to communicate through this campaign are:

  • Tell us about your experiences, to help improve health and care services for everyone
  • By giving your feedback, we’ll be able to help improve services for everyone
  • All feedback can help improve services. Visit our website to tell us about both good and bad experiences

Long-term condition social media posts

You can use or adapt these posts to support the campaign focus from 17 September 2020. You can adapt the content for our own audiences, including using your own examples of how feedback has improved care.

Posts for non-service providers


  • Today @CareQualityComm @HealthwatchE @HealthwatchLinc launch the next stage of #BecauseWeAllCare - the importance of people with long-term condition(s) giving feedback on their care. Find out more and give feedback today: https://bit.ly/3hFSN47
  • People with long-term and invisible conditions are one of the best groups at feeding back on their care – don’t stop, now more than ever we need your feedback to help service adapt #BecauseWeAllCare https://www.cqc.org.uk/give-feedback-on-care
  • Do you have a long-term condition? How has your care been affected by coronavirus? Take a few moments to tell us about your experiences of accessing care and help improve NHS and social care for yourself & your loved ones #BecauseWeAllCare
  • An invisible condition can’t be seen –but be sure to make your voice heard. Your feedback can help health and care services spot issues #BecauseWeAllCare https://www.cqc.org.uk/give-feedback-on-care
  • We all care about the NHS and social care – but how can we do our bit to help? Discover how sharing your experiences with @HealthwatchE and @CareQualityComm can help improve the standard of care you and your loved ones receive in your local community 👇 #BecauseWeAllCare [embed video]
  • Did you know your feedback can help to make a real difference to your local care services? Watch this video to find out how you can make a difference! #BecauseWeAllCare about NHS and social care - share your feedback with @CareQualityComm https://www.cqc.org.uk/give-feedback-on-care
  • 52% of people with long term conditions told us they were reluctant to give feedback at the moment, as they don’t want to put additional pressure on services. You’re feedback is needed now more than ever – you can help services adapt during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Your feedback makes a real difference – share it here, #BecauseWeAllCare 👉 https://bit.ly/FeedbackToHealthwatch.
  • You care about local NHS and social care services, and so do we. Share your feedback about care with us so that we can improve the care that you and your loved ones receive. #BecauseWeAllCare [website link]
  • Feedback on care so that we can ensure you receive the support you need #BecauseWeAllCare https://bit.ly/3hFSN47


  • Now, more than ever, if you have an long-term condition, we need your help to improve health and care services across England by continuing to feedback on care! Share experience with @CareQualityCommission and @HealthwatchE so that your community can benefit from the best patient care possible in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch this video to find out how your feedback can make a difference. #BecauseWeAllCare https://www.cqc.org.uk/give-feedback-on-care
  • If you have a long-term or invisible condition and you’re worried about sharing feedback about your health and social care, don’t be! Your feedback is crucial for us to understand how your local services can be improved. Learn how you can help us to improve your care https://bit.ly/3hFSN47. #BecauseWeAllCare


  • Have you got a long-term condition? Your ongoing feedback has been vital for us to help health and social care services ensure people get the support they need and improve patient care throughout the #COVID19 response #coronavirus #StayAlert
  • People with a long-term condition are one of the best groups are feeding back on their care. Please continue to help us by sharing your feedback with us #BecauseWeAllCare #coronavirus #StayAlert
  • Find out how your feedback can make a real difference to health and social care by watching this video. We want to hear about any recent experiences of care – both good and bad - because you care about the NHS, and so do we. #BecauseWeAllCare #coronavirus #StayAlert

Posts for service providers


  • Your feedback on care for receive for your long-term condition is vital to us for improving the health and social care that you receive. Tell us about your experience here [insert link to own feedback forms/website]. #BecauseWeAllCare
  • #BecauseWeAllCare focus on long-term conditions local health and social care services. Tell @HealthwatchE and @CareQualityComm about your care to help reset and rebuild our NHS together. https://bit.ly/3hFSN47


  • We all care about the NHS. But we need you to help us adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic to provide you and your loved ones with the best possible care- especially people with a long-term condition as some of the most frequent users of care. Watch this video to see how sharing your experiences can make a difference. #BecauseWeAllCare. https://bit.ly/3hFSN47


  • Now, more than ever, we need your help to improve health and care services across England for people with a long-term or invisible condition. Share your experiences with @CareQualityComm and @healthwatchengland so we can improve the standard of treatment you and your loved ones receive. Take a few moments to share feedback with us via the link in our bio #BecauseWeAllCare #coronavirus #StayAlert


Call to action

This campaign encourages people to share feedback on their experiences of care, to shape and improve services in their community. Calls to action include:

You can also use the campaign to encourage people to share feedback directly you (e.g. through your feedback forms).


When sharing CQC and Healthwatch social posts, or creating your own social media, please use the official hashtag: #BecauseWeAllCare. Each word should be capitalised to ensure the words can be read within the hashtag.

Case studies

A number of provider and patient stories are available to illustrate the positive outcomes of providing feedback on care. These stories are available in video and written form for use on social media or other communications.

To resonate with your own unique audiences, we also encourage you to identify stories among your own staff or patients. These should demonstrate how you have used feedback to help to bring about positive outcomes for patients.

Talk to us!

We would love to talk to you about Because we all care and how you can get involved. If you have any queries or would like help with supporting the campaign, please contact a member of the team:

Jay Harman, CQC: Jay.Harman@cqc.org.uk

Flora Deshmukh, Healthwatch: Flora.Deshmukh@healthwatch.co.uk

Thank you for your support!