Teens in Finland By: Kyler armstrong 5th hour

5.5 Million people Live in Finland. Finland was first founded 10 thousand years ago by the Russians. The languages spoken in Finland are Finnish and swedish. The size of finland is 130,666 mi². (Infoplease.com)
Being 15 in Finland is challenging yet fun for the kids that live there.There are many aspects of live that the teens are involved in such as sports, school, and clubs. The school system in Finland is also one of the bests in the world.(Finnbay.org and Wikipedia.org)
Some things that might be challenging for the teens that live in Finland are making good grades, making new friends, and finding out what you want to do for a living. These things are all challenging because they can determine how they live there life as the grow up.(www.commisceo-global.com)
Some parts of being 15 in Finland are also very cool. For example, the kids have a freedom to hang out with their friends whenever they want, the ability to play the sports they love such as football and ice hockey.(google.com)
Finland has one of the best school systems in the world. In fact is is in the top 5% for school systems. Students in finland have it easy. They only take 1 standardized test throughout their whole school career. Students also do not get as much homework and do not take and tests or quizzes until they are in their mid teens. Finland provides a 9 year education plan for students and if you want to got to college you can apply for free or at a very low cost depending on the college you go to.(Finnbay.com and www.commisceo-global.com)
Overall teenagers love living in finland. It has all the things they need in want from sports to education to freedom.
My Empathetic Response
In my opinion finland is a great country that has lots of value. The people that live there love it. I think the people that live there will never move to a new country because there are many things to do there.
People love to live in Finland because of the school systems. I think they have one of the best school systems because it is 99% free and they provide a full 9 year school attendance program for anyone.
Kids in Finland love it. They have so many things to do such as sports, clubs, and school. Finland offers many sports such as ice hockey, and football. Some clubs offered in Finland are FC Lahti Finland and IFK Mariehamn Finland.
Overall I think finland is a very cool and interesting place. I think that the people who live there love it and will never move.

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