Creelyssa Belnap Advance Drawing

My goal in this project is to organize chaos. I have been focusing on organizing my life, which has seemed to fall into complete chaos in the span of winter break. There has been changes from transitioning jobs, and moving into the BFA program. Things feel fragmented as I try to hold the load together. So I am wanting to work on showing different aspects of my life overlapping, fragmenting. I am going to use found wood to start drawings, and work on carving in the wood to add texture, and a field of depth to the work.

Carol Gouthro work is radioactive palette, and turns these organic forms into cell like structures. Some of the work a very symmetrical feel when looking at the receptiveness of the piece. The cellular structure is a way I would like to incorporate in my work as a way to organize or build structure.
Juile Mehretu mark making, and layering of the drawings hide some descriptive features. I want to use some of the shifts and mark making to allude to chaos.

I am going to start working on bettering my carving skills. I have learned a little from previous classes, but if I plan on moving forward with technique, I will need to practice this, and watch some videos.

Wood found to be good in the way of starting to think about the project. I became stuck in the material. I was taking different aspects of my daily life, that I like, and drawing fragments of them. I am going to continue, but change the material. Cardboard and Bristol paper are going to be the start for building models.

New work, more focused on building mountain forms.

The project is moving into a an area of exploration of mountains, playing with scale and medium.

Nicholas Roerich, A Russian Master
Not excatly my paper mountains, but have also been experimenting with clay form for Seminar and thought I would show.
The first 3 are from nicer quality paper, I have now started moving into. I have been working with scrap paper before, then adding lines after I fold them.

By the end of the semester I plan on making lots of little baby mountains, and installing from the ceiling to floor.

As I have thought about installing these mountains, I have thought about placement and interaction. I would like to install under the stairs having the spill out under them, then climb the underside of the stairs.

My project completed only a section

Things like schedules and a paper written about some artists I have been looking at

Drafts of my seminar artist statement, with all my flaws showing

Graduate schools I have looked at and decided I didn't want to go those ones

Piles on the walls, the build up I wish I could have done more

Moving in to the more delicate line work

detail of a section

Artist Statement

I have been thinking a lot about paths, where I have been, where I am going. I have bee collecting papers from my job, school work, my boyfriends failed jobs, and purchasing quality paper. I have also been thinking about paper trails and how much paper we use. I really wanted to let people in and see my life in paper form because you can learn so much about a person from their paper tail.

My main challenges were learning about paper, adhereing paper to the wall, and time. Time was a huge challenge. I also had issues displaying the work and trying to figure out how it should be presented. I didn't really think from the viewers point of view. I feel proud of the quantity, and the line work. The installation could have been better, by stepping back and seeing it how the viewer sees it. I wish I had been able to complete the line work. I liked the piling up of the nice paper and would like to further explore how these forms can be arranged and built up in to different forms. I want to explore larger forms and bring the paths more forward in exhibition.

A final thought in this blog of thoughts , I started resulting in a more welcome result. Building up on walls, shape, form, height very appealing with the no lines, quality paper. But lines matching was minimal and accidental, from time consuming rubber cement. Pins better for hanging, sad about holes, because of past classes.


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