Design for print and screen My Learning Jounal of Skill Builder

Class 1 Assignment Create a simple 1 page recipe document using Adobe InDesign. Include images and text.

I found it quite hard to follow the tutorial sometimes. For example I couldn't find out how the tabs are working and I had some problems selecting the right things, but I have used InDesign already in a previous course and made some lessons for my classes, so I had a few other ways to finish my assignement. I used a recipe witch I use in my lessons and try to put in into the format. After that I made a PDF, but there the pages are all publiced one by one. I can't find the tool to make it look like InDesign, so I show here the two recipes. The text is in Dutch, because my kids are Dutch.

With a little help from my peers

This week I got an answer to my question how to get two pages next to each other in PDF, thanks for that Ann.

Class 2 Assignment: Create a music poster in Adobe InDesign

This assignment was not so difficult to do, because there are a lot of posters, so I had some ideas. But then I thought I had to go for the effects in the video and then it was a little harder, I had to try and redo a lot of times, but I think I managed it. Although I like the more simple posters better, I ordered myself this task. For my kids at school I'm making some assignments and these video's helped me a lot. Especially the layers.

Assignment 2 a non-existing music event

Class 3 assignment: Reflection on my learnings.

I had again a nice time trying to fullfil the assignments and learned again a lot of extra tools in InDesign. This makes me more selfconfident in my lessons. So I keep on doing these kind of courses.

My next step is to make some video's for my classes, so the children can make there magazines. I made some introductionvideo before and now I'm going to make video's about the FrontPage (looks like the poster), the masterpages and the grid and about publishing in epub (this was the thing I missed in this course).

This is the end. I hope to see you all in a next course. Bye.

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