ecco! Sing it.

"As ecco!, we promote the love of music and singing, and we do this by bringing talented girls together. We laugh, we create community, and most of all, we sing."


Ecco! is an a cappella club that has been around for many years at Santa Catalina. In the beginning of the year we hold auditions and then once our group is formed, we begin preparing a set list for the BREAL show at the end of the year. The girls are able to further their knowledge and love of singing by creating a cappella arrangements, and then teaching them to the rest of the group. We form lifelong friendships through harmonization, blending, and learning what is means to sing together as one voice.

"They meet regularly, are positive and collaborative, and are a great addition to campus clubs." -Lara Devlin, Faculty Advisor

Events: In addition to preparing for our end of the year showcase, ecco! performs for admissions events, school wide events, class night, and occasionally in assembly and chapel.

"Every since joining ecco! this year, I have learned many new things about singing that help in my auditions and performing, and I have created new friendships that I know will last a lifetime. To me, ecco! is a club where people of all different race, all different backgrounds, and different vocal ranges can come together to create a sound that can impact people in a positive and powerful way." -Mackenzie Roth '19

"It has been a joy and an honor to call myself a member of ecco! this year! Being a part of this club has allowed me to gain more self confidence as well as to learn more about the dynamics of singing, from blending to holding a harmony. I’ve cherished every moment of it, and am sad that this year is coming to an end! I will never forget the memories that have been made in studio 3 - I am looking forward to another fantastic couple of years to work with these phenomenally talented and amiable people." -Molly Gilbert '19

"Ecco! has given me the opportunity to work together with an incredible group of talented girls to create music, fun, and memories! My favorite part of ecco! is being able to perform in the BREAL show and arrange music that the entire school can sing along to. Every girl in the club has an opportunity to arrange music that we all learn and perform. There is never a dull moment during our weekly meetings!" -Anna Baricevic '18

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