The Spatial Experience´╝ÜThe Constans Theater was a place where I always passed by but never got into. There were some interesting art works in the lobby. Entering the auditorium, we were led to sit in the front of the stage and I felt like I was so close to art at that time. Even though I had watched some dance plays, like The Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Divine was the first traditional play that I watched in my life. So I was really curious and excited before the play started. Due to the great view of the seat, I could enjoy the light, settings and actors' performance. Just like our life, the position is really important. As an old Chinese poetry says, only when you reach a top of the highest mountain, you can see everything under it. In our life, the "height" is where we are. When we change our positions, our views will change.
The Social Experience: I went to the play with some friends. We read the instruction before the play. And during the breaks, we discussed the plot of the play so that we could understand it better. It was great to watch the play with my friends. People get familiar by sharing experiences, vice versa. Shared experience is the connection between people. For strangers, shared experience help them start communicate with each other. For friends, shared experience makes them closer.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The issue in this play were conflicts and concealments (or sacrifices). Before watching the play, I thought the play was about one person made a difficult choice; however, after attending the performance, I realized that the play was about every character, Michaud, Talbot, Mrs. Talbot etc., made every choice in their different angles. Conflicts bring choices and choices bring sacrifices. Life is full of these three elements. When I was in high school, the biggest conflict was between staying in China and going abroad. Choosing overseas colleges means that I would have less time in home, I would speaking another language all day, I would have a different life style, and the cost would be huge. But going to an overseas college would benefit me a lot. Chinese culture was profound and it would affect me in my entire life. I would be always proud of being a Chinese. At the same time, learning and experience other cultures were also important, and they attracted me. So I chose to go abroad to broaden my horizons.
The Emotional Experience: As I mentioned, the plot of this play was about conflicts and concealments. Concealing means hiding; coming clean means not hiding. The Divine showed the audience the importance of coming clean by telling them how concealing affected others. For example, in the show, the boss of the factory hid the truth to protect his profits. It was not to blame him directly, but to make the audience feel bad about concealing, so that they would be willing to come clean and be honest.
The end.
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