Feudal Japan By ronald gerkus


There were 2 types of Buddhism, they were zen and Amida. Zen was when you meditated and thought about questions like, "What does a one hand clapping sound?". Amida is when you repeat Amida's name 75,000 times per day and get spiritual peace, but it got simplified to saying it one time but very sincerely. Most samurai were Buddhists. Buddhism helped keep the Japanese social structure in many ways, for example it brought people together. It also helped samurais focus on their training and overcome fear of death.

This is a Bhudda

Appreciation of Beauty

Japan has appreciation of beauty, from trees to buildings and people. Woman were considered beautiful if they had long hair, bright red lips, and eyebrows painted high on their forehead. In japan it was unattractive if you had white teeth so they blackened their teeth with a mix of iron, vinegar, and ingredients used in tea. Japan appreciated beauty in many other ways such as architecture, cherry blossom trees, and artwork.

This is an example of cherry blossom trees.

Cultural Difusion

Japan was isolated from other countries by not only ocean but it also has mountains. Prince Shotoku increased Japans knowledge and culture by trading and traveling with china and other Asian countries. They learned of others cultures from gifts and paintings received. They actually learned of Buddhism from travelers and trade.

This shows that Japan was isolated from other countries because of the ocean and the rough terrain of Japan itself.

This shows how much Japan learned and improved of its isolation of other countries and cultures.

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