The Renaissance By Brian Gonzalez

Marco Polo was a traveler and made a lot of adventures.He had someone helped him made a book about his adventures and and trips.

Italian Trade Cities-Florence

Medici Family

The top right shows a statue of the Medici family.The top left shows another statue of the Medici family and showing what appears to be a boy fighting.The bottom right shows a women of the Medici family.The bottom right shows two Medici family members having fruits.

Rediscovering The Past-Greek and Roman.

The Greek and Roman classical art helped shaped the develop the renaissance because they took those ideas and made their own.The renaissance made their own art by making realistic art from classical art but they didn't use much religions art.The renaissance made their art very detailed much like the classical art."The art from classicle art purpose was mostly about their art to show importance of ordinary people".(document 2)Therefore the renaissance mostly got their idea by the classical art to make the art realistic and made very detailed sculptures.

In this article it will talk about Leonardo da Vinci.It explains his interest and the things he liked to do for the living.It also talks about little bit of his biography and the things he did as a child and how he got a passion for art and sculpture.It also shows some of his greatest art and sculptures and work.

Photo on the left shows how they pushed the thing down to print it.Photo in middle shows a guy that's like showing people what it is.Photo on the left shows how they moved the letters and what it looked like.

It impacted them by making books faster and printing things better.It also made the persons job easier and better because he did less work.The guy sometimes didn't got paid as much before because he was using the machine.

William Shakespeare's writing of humanism was very popular.Lots of people like his writing and shows.They liked his shows and writings because it had things that they liked.The way that William Shakespeare's reflect the ideas of humanism was by making fun of it.In the text it stated "In France two writers poked fun at the ideas of the Middle Ages(Holt,316)."The reason why Shakespeare's was able to attract such a large crowd was because he made things that people liked funny and he made a lot of funny expressions like "In a pickle." That is one of the expressions of Shakespeare's because in it means that ur in trouble and the jar of pickles is hard to open.This piece of evidence shows that he was able to make things funny in a way for people to enjoy it.Therefore William Shakespeare's was very funny because he made almost every thing funny and famous.

The photo on the top left shows some artwork or a portrait of people.

A famous quote from Shakespeare's was "To be or not to be." From Romeo and Juliet.


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