Macro Photgraphs experiments at home by gabor kovacs - gtkovacsphotography.com

What else to do when stuck at home if not take photos of small objects?

my largest marble is 35mm in diameter.
Replica of one of the Lewis Chessmen, bought in the British Museum.

Looking through one of my photography books I found a few maple leaves that I had put there to dry and press a few years ago ...

My Olympus EM1 has settings for in-camera focus stacking. I have experimented with different aperture settings and distances between focus points. A reasonably broad depth of field seems to work better, say f8.

Some small marbles, only 16mm diameter.
abalone fret marker on my mandolin
cherry blossom

A ladybird on a plant in our 'pond'

And finally, a rather moth eaten peacock butterfly.


all photos (c) Gabor Kovacs