Adobe for EDU: amplifying NEW student perspectives while delivering CLASSIC knowledge by MARINA "RED" MADDEN, MFA | 9 MINUTE READ

When I arrived at 7:30 am on a Sunday morning in Los Angeles, for the 5th Anniversary of Adobe EduMAX—the annual gathering of ADOBE Creative Campus educators, university administrators, public school board members, and even state & city government advocates to collaborate and share with Adobe's education team—I did not anticipate the amount of knowledge I would be able to bring home to UTSA and immediately share and put into action. The simple notion of all students having access to Adobe Creative Cloud and its ever expanding tools—#creativityforall—was such a revelation.

Having digital storytelling at our fingertips, a vehicle to share perspectives, ideas, as well as a chance to learn how to take knowledge learned from others and tell those stories? Wow. This is why we got into this thing called higher ed, right? What a gift to be a Roadrunner in 2019 on the newest Adobe Creative Campus this year and the first four-year public institution in the great state of Texas to be in partnership with an imaginative brand like Adobe—a company dedicated to improving teaching and learning by assisting education enterprises in providing "Creativity for ALL!"

“As a prior educator who is fanatic about student success and my customers’ success, it thrills me when my customers earn the ‘Adobe Creative Campus’ designation. It signifies that academic and operational leaders ‘get it’. Schools who provide ‘Adobe for all’ remove friction while accelerating skills related to creative problem solving, design thinking, and rich media production. These are the ingredients needed for graduates to excel in their future careers of choice.”

Jason Katsoff | Adobe EDU

Adobe Student Ambassadors at UTSA

In November 2019, Adobe visited our campus to award UTSA with their official Creative Campus designation and academic partnership in digital fluency and digital literacy; we also introduced the first cohort of the Adobe Student Ambassadors at UTSA. These Adobe Roadrunners have already began defining their role on our new creative campus. Below is their mission:

Promote Creativity on Campus
CURE Mediocrity
Help Others Compose DATA to Create Insight & Share in a Way Others Understand—Tell the DATA Story
Show Others that Making Information and Sharing Information is Fun and Creative
Cultivate Opportunities to Showcase What We Can Do with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Student Ambassador 36-Hour "Creed" Challenge

Our Faculty are also Ambassadors Feeding Student Narratives

"My Freshman Composition II class next semester will use Adobe Spark as a tool for creating advocacy ads." —Diane Abdo, MA | Distiguished Sr. Lecturer | College of Liberal and Fine Arts
"Since [UTSA Adobe Training] class I’ve run into three students and I’ve been gushing about Adobe to them and saying how lucky we are to have such an opportunity to have the resource."—Dr. Christina Whitmire | College for Health, Community and Policy

Models of Digital Literacy

Universal Literacy: A familiarity with using basic digital tools such as office productivity software, image manipulation, cloud-based apps and content, and web content authoring tools.

Literacy across disciplines: Diffused throughout different classes in appropriate ways that are unique to each learning context.

Creative literacy: Includes all aspects of universal literacy and adds more challenging technical skills that lead to the production of richer content, including video editing, etc.—along with digital citizenship and copyright knowledge.

Created By
Marina RED Madden, MFA


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