Christmas Break

Christmas Break

During my christmas break I did a lot of cool and fun things,

Most of my break I was sitting in my basement playing ps4. I got 5 ps4 games for christmas they are Battlefield 4, Farcry 4, 2k 17, COD I.W GTA 5. I also got a new headset for ps4. I got beats to! I went to this placed called varsity with my Dad Cousine Jack and my Uncle. We played hockey, and my cousine learned how to skate. I went snowboarding with my friend about a week after christmas, I’m pretty good at snowboarding but I’m better at skiing. I fell a couple times and I had a big fall and hurt my head, I stopped boarding after that. We came home after boarding.

On new years eve I went to the Illosionist show which is a really cool magic show. They had a guy escape a water tank and they made things appear and disappear, they appeared and disappeared. After the show some of Jack’s friends came over to sleep over. They played around and then we went to our neighbors house for the count down. My first word of 2017 was gucci. We went back to our house and we watched Deadpool. I went to sleep after the movie.

I had a hockey tournament in Orangeville we played 4 games we won all 4, we got the gold medal. We went to a restaurant with my team, it was fun. The next day my mom and i went shopping but the mall was small and didn’t have many stores so we didn’t go, we went grocery shopping for a while, then i got new clothes. After, we ate at sunset grill. I had pancakes my mom had the kids breakfast. When we got home we had to clean my basement which is going to take a really long time. We were supposed to take down our christmas decorations but we didn’t.

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