Good Life Nature Activity Prajakta Kulkarni


Today, I visited the Florida Museum of Natural History. It was a great experience and I got to see the butterfly exhibit, the frog exhibit, and the fossil exhibit. The butterfly exhibit was my favorite and I loved the way that the frog exhibit had descriptions of where each of the species of frogs came from. The fossil exhibit had fossils of jaws from different sharks and some of them were bigger than my whole body! Overall, it was an amazing experience.

"Jaws" picture taken by Prajakta Kulkarni

Nature on Display

One exhibit that I found particularly appealing was the frog exhibit. The frog exhibit contained many different species of frogs and beside the tanks, there were descriptions of the species and where they could be found. I think the descriptions were what captured my attention. Overall, the whole layout of the exhibit was very visually appealing, and sparked my interest in the frogs, even though frogs are not my favorite animals. Through actually seeing the species live, I was able to appreciate them a lot more than I would through pictures. I loved the big, bold, colorful signs that were on display throughout the exhibit. Another exhibit I found appealing was the jaws exhibit because some of the jaws on display were bigger than my whole body!

"Frog" picture taken by Prajakta Kulkarni

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum provided me the opportunity to "love, respect, and admire" nature, like Leopold recommends because walking through the butterfly exhibit, I was able to admire the butterflies and birds without actually touching anything. I also noticed that even though everything was out in the open, nobody was touching the wildlife, but rather admiring it from afar. My experience from the museum and seeing how everything in nature coexists so beautifully when humans don't mess with it instilled an ethical responsibility in me. I realized that I should not be so casual with killing small animals such as ants when I see them, but rather just admire them from far away.

"Butterfly" picture taken by Prajakta Kulkarni

Nature and the Human Spirit.

The Natural History Museum helped me step out of my ordinary life because usually, I dont "stop to smell the roses". During my visit, I was able to appreciate the wildlife and nature that I see every day in a lot more detail. It was an eye-opening experience to see the co-existence of all of the animals and plants without much human interference. Even outside the exhibit I see plants, butterflies, and birds, but I don't take the time to really appreciate them. I realized that I should stop and admire the wildlife more often.

"Butterfly in Nature" picture taken by Prajakta Kulkarni

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