For Real By: Alison Cherry

Claire is the main character of For Real. She is shy and not very outgoing unlike her sister Miranda. Claire keeps to her self and is really smart.

Then you have Miranda who is the complete opposite of Claire. Miranda has always been the more outgoing sister and is really talkative. But I guess sometimes that's what happens when you're the older sister.

Next is Samir, who cheated on Miranda. He is entering this contest to race around the world. Let's just say that Claire has an idea on how to cheer Miranda up.

Claire decides to sign Miranda and herself up for this race around the world. She thinks that if they get in on the contest they could beat Samir and get revenge. But the contest isn't what they thought it was.

It turns out the race is a romance reality show! This is where Claire meets Will. She feels like she can really trust him. But how does it end? Do the girls beat Samir? Does Miranda find someone new? Does anything more happen with Claire and Will? Read to find out.


Created with images by stokpic - "hands world map" • Moyan_Brenn - "Adventure" • Hermann - "wanderer backpack hike" • Frontierofficial - "2012 Adventure Photography Competition" • Pexels - "adventure exploration landscape"

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