Pulling Robot Ben Brossart


Make your own robot to pull the most weight using gears to help pull more.



Top side and bottom views

With my design I could pull five books.


  • Switched gears from biggest gear attached to motor and smallest gear attached to wheel to Smallest gear attached to motor and biggest gear attached to wheel. I did this because at first it was built for speed and I changed it so it was built for torque which allowed me to pull more weight
  • Attached gear system to back wheels for four wheel drive. I did this because it gave me more power to drive and allowed me to pull more weight.
Parts used in the picture are not the exact parts but show what was changed.
  • I also tried gears but they were not as efficient so I changed back to the gears.
  • Additional weight was added through extra wheels, gears, and parts



What did I learn?

I learned how to pull more weight than what my robot weighs. I also learned how to use gears and gear ratios to make the robot stronger or faster.

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