Spirit Week 2019 Photos by lilly macinnis captions by brandi-rose phiri

Freshman Keyton MacInnis and sophomore Maddie Lewis were both wearing their most comfortable pajamas. "I like pajama day. It's my favorite because it give me an excuse to wear pajamas to school," said Lewis.

Freshmen Dayjanique Brown, Nadia Abbott, and Ariel Godinez are all wearing cohesive pajamas. They thought that pajama day was one of the most enjoyable spirit days to participate in.

Students participating in twin day. (Top, left to right: seniors Jordan Miller and Citlali Soto) (Bottom, left to right: freshmen Rayleena Hayward, Ella Haulenbeek, Ava Montgomery, and Selah Miller)

"We all already dress the same a lot, and have the same clothes so it was easy to figure out what to wear [for twin day]," said Selah Miler.

Juniors Kody Ivy and Gideon Gbogi. These best friends decided to show school spirit by twinning. They topped off their look with airpods.

Juniors Caitlyn Mosher and Kayleigh Barr pose in their windbreakers and scrunchies. These are two of the many students that participated in throwback day.

Junior Maya Moore is dressed straight out of 80s. Moore, like most of the girls on the LN swim team, took full advantage of throwback day and blew everyone else out of the water.

Junior Malachi Mathieson threw it back to the 1980s "surfer dude." He enjoys this style, every day he dresses like this, but he amped it up for spirit week.

"I am doing throwback for today, but it's also how I dress," said Mathieson.

Sophomore Tiara Nix pulled out her best 90s clothes to participate in the throwback. Many people decided to dress in 90s fashion because it is most similar to what we wear today.

Two groups of students show school pride for spirit day. (Top, left to right: juniors Megan Hybles, Anna Buck, Carson Willams) (Bottom, left to right: Sean Flanagan, Keegan Cameron, Lucas Santos-Pye, Nathaniel White)
Senior Amira Wallace was not only supporting her friend running for homecoming but showing her best school spirit. She was excited for the day and definitely thought that this was the best spirit day because everyone is showing school pride.
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