Advertising Unit By Tanushree Girish 9C1


-Dating from 1400s

-Get people's conscious and conscious

-Illusion directed at us {personally}

-Exposed to 3,00 ads average {Billboards,Bus,etc}

-Pleasure and acceptance is very powerful

$450 billion worldwide annual spent on advertising

-Knowing the audience {right market}

-Correct advertising can make even controversial products popular

-Have to make you connect with values and not the product itself


Media Saturation : when we are bombarded with adverts...3000 a day according to the documentary and that was over 20 years ago!

Branding : What a product represents {lifestyle,personality,identity,values,look}

Objectification : The seeing and/or treating a person,usually women, as an object. In the representation of women, this is often sexual objectification

Gender Roles : For women roles are often limited to housewife or sex object. For men, roles are often represented as the breadwinner and being served by women.

Dismemberment : Cropping and fragmentation of the female body in media images which encourages objectification. Often this is the legs or the top of the torso

Metrosexual : A neologism {a made up word} to represent a changing economic trend in male shopping and representation dating from the 80s.

Spornosexual : A neologism {a made up word with sport+porn+metrosexual} The metrosexual has passed and is evolving

Lumbersexual : A lumbersexual or urban lumberjack is a man who has adopted style traits typical of a traditional lumberjack, namely a beard,plaid shirt and scruffy hair, substituting otherwise clean-out and fashionable choices.


In many beauty adverts, we often see that women are represented like a barbie doll: flawless face and beautiful body. However, this is not reality. They think women should have perfect makeup, slim body and a good sense of fashion


Men's Appearance Standards suggest that men should have a good jawline, good hair, fit body and body hair is well desired. This makes other men feel like they should look like that as well.

ARYAN PROPAGANDA : The Aryan race is an idea formed in the 19th and early 20th century. The term "Aryan" derives from the name of an hypothetical people in ancient Persia and India, who spoke an indo-European language. It has been used to describe people of Iranian, Indian and European decent, but it were later mainly used to describe Germanic peoples because of emerging theories about the Aryans.

Above are examples of Aryan Propaganda


How did he attract an audience?

Why specifically is his Volkswagen campaign so commonly cited as an example of outstanding advertising?

Advertising Regulation : Advertising regulation refers to the laws and rules defining the ways in which products can be advertised in a particular region. Rules can define a wide number of different aspects, such as placement, timing, and content. In the United States, false advertising and health-related ads are regulated the most. Two of the most highly regulated forms of advertising are tobacco advertising and alcohol advertising. (Wikipedia)

1. What are these advertising? Chocolate and ciggerettes

2.What claims are being made for the products? That your throat deserves it and that the chocolate doesn't make you fat.

3.What image are they portraying? They are saying that by consuming fatty foods like chocolate and breathing in tobacco, you can enjoy it's fun and keep fit and healthy.

4.Could companies make the same claims for these products today? I don't think so because people are more educated to the consequences of consuming these products and health physicians are evidence for this. Also, people who may be obese from eating lots of junk food and lung patients who have lung cancer due to cigarettes can prove this to us.

Why are they important and what harm could they cause?

They are very important because it make sure that advertisers don't step the boundaries.


1. Must not promote anything bad and make unrealistic claims

2. Must not project men and women and objects {ideal body shapes}

3.Must promote the actual product and the man/woman in the advert is not a distraction to the demographic.

4.Appropriate for all audiences.

5. Is it sexist, racist or does it offend a certain culture?

I like the diversity of body shapes and colours however, if a kid between the ages of 3-11 was to see it, it would be a little inappropriate for their age. So maybe an age restriction warning might be good.


What is the problem that this campaign is seeking to address?

To spotlight the portrayal of women in the media as objects and the correlation between this and: a) body image and self-esteem issues for women and girls; b) violence and harassment against women, and c) a lack of ambition to aspire to leadership roles on the part of women

How is the organisation trying to do this?

Making a documentary addressing all the problems. This documentary can be played to the masses.

How are the various films part of a wider campaign?

Featuring engaging insights from celebrities including singer-writer-actress Joyce Cheng and real-life stories and interviews with leading experts, the documentary explores the correlation between the media’s portrayal of women and eating disorders and self-esteem issues for girls, violence against women and girls, and the erosion of female ambition, and how social media and the selfie culture are contributing to the phenomenon.


Advertising Agencies Have Clients: what is the purpose of a pitch in the agency/client relationship?

A pitch is an audition, with the client giving a brief to a number of advertising agencies, and choosing the one that best resolves the brief.

Everything is Problem/Solution Driven: Explain who has the problem and who comes up with a solution in the context of the agency/client relationship?
The Process of Creating Advertising Campaigns: Create a flowchart to represent the process involving the client, the account manager, the creative team and the creative director.


Copy Writer
Art director
Account planner
Account executive

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