Live Free Homosexuality

A friend shares a picture on Facebook that perpetuates a rather negative stereotype. Someone tweets about "those fags". And you look at that picture or that tweet and it's got a hundred reblog/likes/shares and suddenly that's amplified, it exaggerates the loneliness of being a closeted teenager in a world that, from the communities that closeted teens do tend to be surrounded by, doesn't seem very welcoming at all.

that's just the subtle stuff, not the cyberbullying or large-scale campaigns to harass individuals or the people who set out to befriend and out insecure queer teenagers for kicks.

Homosexual sex is often associated with dangerous behavior, which includes the use of illegal and deadly drugs. Businesses facilitating gays to meet up in groups for sex and orgies with strangers sprout illegally, functioning as spas and clubs.

it has been reported that minors, as young as age 15, 16, are getting increasingly involved – experimenting with gay sex. These are most troubling trends. Homosexual feelings can be fluid especially at young age but a minor would likely be imprinted with gender identity struggles leading to a homosexual orientation once he experiments with homosexual sex

While we understand individuals have preferences and it is also their private choice what they would do as adults with regards to their sexual behavior.


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