The Wise Shopper COnsumer choice assessment

the product

This is the Breville Smart Kettle. It was Choice recommended in January 2016. It is stainless steel and holds 1.7 litres. From the Breville website it costs $169.95. Some features of it are that it is BPA free, it can hold the water and keep it warm for up to 20 mins and tit has a soft open lid to stagger steam and prevent hot water splash back. It also has different settings for different teas. These settings change the temperature.

2. Key Factors

  • There Were A Wide Variety Of Key Factors That Determined My Decision To Choose The Breville Smart Kettle. Some Of These Included:
  • What the kettle was used for: For example, I was looking for a multi-purpose kettle that I could use to make tea or to boil water to put in a saucepan.
  • Price: For me I am always looking at the price of a product, however this kettle is not the cheapest

3. Where I bought my Kettle.

I bought my good at an appliance department store like The Good Guys because it's near by, there are no shipping fees if I pick it up myself and I can deliver it to my home safely and it will be under my care.

4. Other Methods of Payment

One of the methods is BPAY. An advantage of this is that it is secure, it is very hard for people to make illegal transactions. A disadvantage of this is that you may forget your key code.

Another payment method is credit cards. This can be god because they can allow you to make telephone purchases and you also don't have to walk around with bulky cash. However, the disadvantages of the credit card is that they can leave you with a large amount of debt. Also, if your credit card is lost or stolen, only some cards will allow you to "lock your card".

I would choose BPAY because of its security and discretion.

5) The Flowchart


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