ESB-MACC Mexican American Cultural Center

The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center is currently closed to the public, but the good news is, many of our programs have moved digital! Please use this page as a guide to our digital resources, which are free to use for anyone who wants to learn more about Mexican-American and Latinx art & culture.

You'll find lesson plans, performances, presentations, online art galleries, instructional videos, and more, and this page is updated monthly! Check out our Signature Events for Latinx Heritage Month 2020, such as Viva Mexico (VivaMexico2020.net) and Day of the Dead (DayoftheDeadATX.net).

For even more access to MACC programming, remember to follow us on Facebook at @AustinESBMACC and Instagram at @ESBMACC. Questions? email maccevents@austintexas.gov and if you can, leave us some feedback below!

Table of Contents

  1. Day of the Dead- Digital Festival to celebrate Dia de Muertos on Nov 1 & 2, 2020
  2. Viva Mexico- A Celebration of Mexican Independence and Latinx Heritage
  3. Desde La Sala- A Virtual Concert Series featuring Latinx Artists
  4. Exhibit: XX Timeline at the Crossroads XX by Diana Molina
  5. Spanglish Series-Interviews with Local Creatives by El Proyecto
  6. Latino Artist Access Program (LAAP)- Music, Dance, Theater, and much more!
  7. Vamonos! Produced and Presented by the Caminos Teens
  8. Sugar Skull Making- Video Instructions for Day of the Dead crafts
  9. Lesson Plan: Lowriders- All About Austin's Chicano Lowrider Culture
  10. Lesson Plan: Alebrijes "Uprooted Dreams"- Project & Lesson Plan
  11. Lesson Plan: La Selva/ The Rainforest
  12. Exhibit: Textile Poetics: Textile Art by Mery Godigna-Collet & Others
  13. Exhibit: Piecing it Together: Grafitti Art by Nathan "Sloke" Nordstrom
  14. Virtual Tour of the MACC- Learn the History and Architecture of the MACC
  15. Lesson: Coloring Book, An Empowered Village and Its Citizens
  16. Lesson Plan: Borderland Wildlife The Environment of the US-Mexico Border
  17. Community Healing Garden Learn About Healing Plants in Our On-Site Garden!

Now let's get started...

Julieta Caamano, Ballet Folklorico de Austin (Latino Artist Access Program)

Day of the Dead - Dia de Los Muertos -

This celebration of the circle of life and death has been a tradition at the ESB-MACC for over a decade. YOU can participate!



  • Sugar Skull Making
  • Calavera Contest
  • Altar/ Ofrenda Building
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Live Program on Nov 1 & 2 at DAYOFTHEDEADATX.NET
La Catrina Misteriosa, DayoftheDeadATX.net

Viva Mexico!

A celebration of Mexican Independence and Latinx Heritage Month. This digital festival aired to the public on Sept 16, 2020 and the full program is free and available to watch!

  • Celebration of Austin's Latinx Community
  • Ballet Folklorico Performances
  • "Gritos" (Cries) from City of Austin and Community Members
  • Mexican Consulate gives the Grito
  • Make a Flag of the People Activity
  • Cook Chiles en Nogada with Sonia
  • Mexican National Anthem with Salma
Mariachis Las Altenas, Desde la Sala Virtual Concert Series, Viva Mexico 2020 edition, 9.19.20

Desde La Sala Virtual Concert Series

During each episode, we will be premiering 4 different performances by some of our favorite artists, from their living room to yours -- FOR FREE!!!

Like and follow the ESB MACC’s Facebook as well as the City of Austin’s Parks & Recreation YouTube so you will be notified!

Diana Molina, XX Timeline at the Crossroads XX, Online Exhibition Fall 2020

Diana Molina, Visual Artist in Residence

Diana Molina is an exhibiting artist and curator at the ESB Mexican American Cultural Center for Fall 2020. View her online exhibit on the Smithsonian Learning Lab!

Artist and author Diana Molina presents her book, Icons and Symbols of the Borderland: Art from the US-Mexico Crossroads as part of her retrospective exhibition at the MACC. This collection of artwork, poetry, and essays combine tradition, culture, history, and nature in a variety of subjects and themes that touch on everything from the religious and mythological to the commercial and socio-political.

Diana Molina, XX Timeline at the Crossroads XX

Spanglish Series

This digital series on Thursdays with El Projecto ATX interviews artists and creatives in our community. The next event is Thursday, Oct 1 with Michael Anthony Garcia! RSVP now!

Javier Jara, Latino Artist Access Program

Latino Artist Access Program

Explore these Austin-based artists who are part of the MACC's Latino Artist Access Program (LAAP):

  • A'lante Flamenco Ensemble
  • Bilingual Club Communities of Austin (BoCCA)
  • Chamacos Dance Company
  • Edgar Yepez
  • Erica Saucedo!
  • Escándalo! Improv
  • Fisterra
  • Javier Jara
  • Mauricio Callejas
  • Monique Dacheff
  • Proyecto Teatro
  • Teatro Vivo
Caminos Teen Program Digital Show, Fridays

¡Vamonos! by the Caminos Teen Program

Every other Friday we connect with you through ¡Vamonos!, our #atxcaminos bi-weekly show by young people for young people with the goal to empower Latinx and all youth to carve our own path.

Caminos Teen Program Zines, 2019

Day of the Dead / Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skulls or Calaveras de Azucar are an offering placed on the ofrenda, or altars, for Day of the Dead. In Mexico, this celebration of life and death occurs Oct 31-Nov 2, and invites the memory of the deceased to visit the living. One way that families honor their ancestors is to place calaveras, or skulls, in various forms and this cheerful imagery even in a sweet treat reminds us of the sweetness of life.

Diana Molina, XX Timeline at the Crossroads XX Online Exhibit

For Kids/ Teachers:


Lesson plans and digital resources that explore lowrider Chicano culture of Austin.

Viva Mexico 2017 at the ESB-MACC

For Kids/ Teachers:


This brightly painted wood carved animals are straight from dreams and imagination! They originated in Oaxaca with the Linares family, and now are a beloved folk art inspiration! Read a book about the magical creatures and make your own with paper!

Preservar y Promover la Cultura, Mural by Caminos Teen Program February 2020

For Kids/ Teachers:


La Selva: The Lungs of The Earth virtual activity will aid in the awareness of socially relevant causes that occur in Latin American Rainforests. Learn about deforestation through a Sloth Craftivity, and teach the ways planting trees can heal the environment

Artwork for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by Caminos Teen Artist

Textile Poetics

This virtual art exhibit features TEXTILE POEMS by Mery Godigna Collet, TELL ME IT HAUNTS YOU TOO by Angelica Raquel Martinez, I ONLY HAVE DYES FOR YOU by Margita Pencevova, THE POETRY OF SILENCE by Annette Turrillo, and COLONIAL LEGACY by Mery Godigna Collet

Nathan "SLOKE" Nordstrom, Piecing it Together: Austin Grafitti Art 1984-2004

Nathan "SLOKE" Nordstrom, Piecing it Together: Austin Grafitti Art 1984-2004

Virtual Tour of the MACC

Learn about the history of the MACC and outdoor sculptures as well as a few fun facts about the MACC! Then take a deep dive tour of the MACC on the Smithsonian Learning Lab! For all ages, this can be used like a virtual field trip and combined with other MACC programs.

SPECIAL For Kids/ Teachers:

An Empowered Village and its Citizens

Add Arthur's Book Reading here

Flag of the People Activity, VivaMexico2020.net

For Kids/ Teachers:

Borderland Wildlife

Rosy Campanita, El Camino del Corazon photography exhibit at the MACC, Jan-March 2020

Community Healing Garden

Learn about healing plants, like those that we grow in our community garden!

Download a printable, informational brochure in English and Spanish.

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