The Count of Monte Cristo written by Alexandre Dumas, is a fictional book based on a character named Edmonde Dantes. Edmond Dantes is a simple man who is intelligent, bold and cunning. After marrying his fiancé Mercedes, after the wedding. Three men that have built jealousy upon him attempt and succeed at ruining his life by sending a letter that has him sent to prison. This letter causes Dantes to go to jail and spending the next fourteen years in jail however, this had lead him to then next phase in his life.

A Byronic hero is someone who seems as though they are perfect but they have there flaws and doewnfalls. Her are a some reasons why Edmond dantes portrays as a Byronic hero. For instance he has trauma, Edmond was forced to go to prison for no actually reason. He suffered deeply and went through phases of depression that also lead to believe he is a Byronic hero.
Another reason led Edmond to be a Byronic hero is that he is very intelligent. When Edmond escapes from prison, his escape was tremendously daring and risky with hopefully not getting caught. As soon as he became free from prison all he wanted was vengeance from the three men that through him in prison. Fernand, Villafort, and Danglar.
Edmond Dantes is a man of many different disguises throughout the book that he uses to his advantage. He was four different characters in the book. Abbè Busonni, Lord Wilmore, Sinbad the sailor and better known as Count of Monte Cristo. Edmond used these different character so that he would not reveal his own identity, many people he would have encounters with did not even know it was him (Edmond Dantes) not even his own ex fiancé.
Edmond Dantes illustrates the trait of a Byronic hero. Edmond is a depressive character. He had been held back his entire life due to obstacles. He was promoted to captain of ship, then his life got flipped upside down and he was sent to jail. Losing everything his wife, house, and even his pride. Edmond had to face many challenges throughout his life and it was caused by three people who hated him.
Edmond Dantes was a Byronic hero but he was also human who made mistakes and his downfall. While seeking revenge on his enemies he can not help but feel guilty from what he has done even though he knows they deserve it. Edmond Dantes is a man who has endured many different obstacles that make him emotionally strong and he still manages to carry on with his new life.
Edmond is a Byronic hero because he is man that many people can admire because he acts like a hero but everyone knows that he has his downfall and makes mistakes like everyone else. Edmond had the intentions of helping people that he loved or that were his friends. However his downfall as a character such as seeking revenge on his enemies helps define him as a character significantly which makes Edmond Dantes a byronic hero.

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