Sheep A wooly surplus

While sheep may not be the be the largest animals, they are very important.

They provide both food and wool.

And they are easy to control.

They can also go without water for a long time.

The wool on the sheep has a high enough value to make shipping worth it.

And sheep can live for up to eleven years!

In 1539, Hernando De Soto came from Spain to North America. This is when sheep first came to America.

Although they provided food and clothing for the Europeans, they were not a large part of the conquest.

When the Native Americans encountered the Europeans and their sheep, they also began to farm sheep.

Once the Native Americans started farming sheep, it became part of their life style. The meat became a large part of their diet and they started making clothing from wool.

Today, there are aproxamately 5,000,000 sheep in the USA.
All photos are from Image Quest.

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