#OwntheFUTURE LeeAnn Burcham

I am a young lady going to Crater High School BIS (Business Innovation Science), class of 2018. At the moment I don't have a clear picture of what I want to do in my near future. After high school I'd like to attend college, either RCC (Rogue Community College) and/or SOU (Southern Oregon University) or possibly both.

For me, I feel the most interesting study I could go into for college would be education in mathematics, the study in medicine, or engineering. My main focus in my future career would have to involve some type of mathematics.


RCC, which has multiple buildings and are located in Medford, White City, and Grants Pass Oregon.


SOU, which is located in Ashland Oregon.


For both colleges, right after high school is when I'd want to apply/register to start taking classes. I could even start some classes as I am in high school and that's do to being able to get college credits for the classes I take now. To attend RCC, I believe I'd need to graduate high school and take a placement test. Which I know I'd have no problem graduating and I've already took the placement test. Now to attend SOU, there are a lot of requirements. Such as; GPA: 3.30, SAT: 1110, ACT: 22, english: 4 years, mathematics 3 years, science 3 years, social science: 3 years, and a second language 2 years. Which after high school I'd only have one year of a second language, meaning I'd need one more year to qualify to go to SOU. My plan would be go to RCC for two years then go to SOU for the following next two or more years.


The reasoning behind why I'd like to intend these colleges is mainly because there both close to home.


Somethings I would need to do are; continue earning good grades, apply to get credits for the classes I can during high school, graduate high school with good grades, and then apply to RCC to get started. In order to do all of these things, I need to work hard and not give up.

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