Evolution From a Bird's Eye-View By Zachary Zeichner

Summary: This article written by Steph Yin is more of a breakdown and explanation of a long lasting scientific clash of theories than a traditional article. In her article, Steph uses scientific evidence from case studies and 3-D modeling to show how birds undergo adaptive radiation in order to evolve their beaks. Adaptive radiation being one of the two leading theories on the process of evolution. Her article then goes on to explain exactly what adaptive radiation means and what this slow-fast, slow-fast pattern of evolution might tell for the future of humans.

"In the case of birds, it is not that evolution slows over time, but rather it switches from generating major changes in beak shape to producing smaller iterations" - Yin

Analysis: There are no new steps that must be taken, but I would definitely classify this article as noteworthy since it puts to bed an age old argument about adaptive radiation on bird islands such as the Galapagos. Adaptive radiation has always been a point of conflict because many animals globally do not follow such a pattern of evolution, but with new technologies it is now clear where adaptive radiation stands, and it simply feels cathartic to put such a scientific dilemma to rest.

Big Takeaway: A big takeaway from this article can perhaps be how unpredictable and deep the science behind evolution is. The fact that some animals evolve in a different manner than others is simply fascinating, and we should appreciate its complexity.


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