Overcoming Adversity turning pain into gain

Steve Jobs was a man who faced many adversities. Read his speech linked below to discover some troubles he faced in his life and how he turned them into positive things.
The author of the famous Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, faced many adversities in her life. Click the button below to hear her speech to a Harvard graduating class. In her speech she speaks about the adversities she faced and the lessons she learned.
Eleanor Roosevelt & Her Husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was another woman who faced adversity in her life. Although she came from a very prominent family she had a lot of trouble fitting in her family. As a grown woman she also faced many pressures as she became one of the most beloved First-Ladies of the United States when her husband Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. You can learn more about Eleanor by clicking the button below.

Malala is no stranger to adversity

Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She advocates for education rights to all people-- regardless of gender. She has overcome much adversity including an attempt on her life. She was shot because she was so outspoken about girls right to education in her home country of Pakistan. Watch the trailer below to a film about her life.

Students across the world face adversity everyday.

Students across the world face adversity everyday. This adversity comes in many different shapes and sizes. Maybe your adversity is like Yoon in My Name is Yoon by Helen Recorvits. Yoon has a difficult time adjusting to her new life in America. She refuses to spell her name in the "America" alphabet. In the end, she learns that her name still means "Shining Wisdom" even when it is written in her new alphabet. Click the button below to find out what your name means.


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