Typical food in the school canteens.

A canteen is a store that sells food and drink at an institution like a camp, collage, or military base. It is like a convenience store. The school canteen is also the place where you learn to eat well. Now let's talk about the canteen in the different country!

The schools are places where the young peolple spend the majoirity of their time and where they are teached to face with any kind of situation, even how to eat healthy food;the main place where they learn what they should eat is the canteen, which is where the students go in the lunch break in order to eat before the end of the lesson.

But is the food dished at the canteen healthy?

Do student like to eat there ?

Is there any difference between the food served in the canteens of different country?

Today we’re going to answer at this questions.

It’s showed, by some researches conducted by the UNICEF that 80% of students prefer to buy their food at local shops, because they think that the food dished at the canteen is junk food or simply because they don’t like it, the 41% has never been to the school canteen because they prefer to carry their lunch from home, while only the 6% declares that the food at the canteens is not as bad as it seems and even if it’s not the heathier food is the cheaper one. Now let’s talk about the canteen in the diffrent country.


A typical menu from a California school consists of a hamburger with potato or roast chicken, shredded lettuce and pickles, chilled fruit and purple dinosaur cookies. The total cost would be $2.

The standards for nutrition are based on the federal government's dietary guidelines for Americans, which recommend that no more than 30% of an individual's calories come from fat and less than 10% from saturated fat.

School lunches must also provide at least one-third of the recommended dietary allowances of protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and calories.

The canteens are all around the world and each country has its typical canteen, let's show you some pictures:


It's not a presumption that the best diet in the whole world is the Italian one, in fact it's also showed by some researches conducted by the governments.

But if the Italian diet is best one, why aren't the canteens common in Italy?

In order to answer at this question, we're now showing you a graph:

It shows that only the 40% of schools has a canteen, which is the lowest percentage of the Number of canteens in schools in the whole world. The worst thing is that in some regions of Italy such as the puglia, the percentage of school with canteens is 10%

In Italy, the majority of schools with a canteens are private. In private schools the services aren't charged from the state, but from families, that pay a straight that usually includes the price of the food dished at the canteen.

A school With a canteen must use healthy products, low environmental impact, preferably organic, without OGM. The typical foods dished in private italian schools are: pasta, legumes, vegetables, meat or fish, fruit , sometimes a sandwich, milk, fruit juice or water .

In addition, recently, the private schools have also introduced the organic food for vegan and vegetarian students.


On the contrary the french canteens have website where the parents can read the menu of the day or even plan it!! The french schools have also to follow the directive of the governament, which has been written in 1971 and say that the strudents have to eat their meal in 45 minutes and it must contain a raw vegetables of fruit, the salad or the dessert and animal proteins at least one part of which must be in the from of milk or dairy product. Experts say these guidelines are now outdated, mainly because it has become impossible for school meal providers to serve this many dishes, while preserving basic food quality.

We think that the food at the scolastic canteens must be healthy because it's eaten by the students 5 days a week so it consists in the diet of every students, in addition it must provide a huge choice also for the vegan and vegetarian students.


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