The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Review

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action packed open world RPG, where you take up the role of Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer.

Brief Plot summary:

Throughout majority of the game you are on a search for Geralt's adopted daughter Cirilla (more commonly known as Ciri), who has 'Elder Blood' which grants her strange powers. Because of her powers, Ciri is a target by the Wild Hunt, a group of Supernatural huntsmen who want to wield her powers as a weapon. After a huge amount of travelling, getting sidetracked and other inconveniences, Geralt finally manages to find Ciri. Your mission afterwards is to then kill the Wild Hunt.

Although the story does feel slow and a bit repetitive at times, it really pulls you in. The entire game is set after the events that occur in the Witcher books written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Story: 9.7/10

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a ridiculous amount of content. It has hundreds of side quests, a huge main storyline and a giant open world. This will never leave you bored, even after completing the main quests.


The combat is ultimately very good. Generally, there are two different approaches to the whole thing. You can either run in swords swinging and slashing everything in your path, or you can use a more sensible approach by crafting potions, blade oils, learning your enemies weaknesses followed by lots of dodging, rolling and parrying. The latter of the two is normally the better approach. There are also signs, which are basically just magic spells. There are five different signs which are all upgradable: Igni, for burning your enemies, Aard, which is a simple knockback, but can be used for destruction, Axii, which stuns your opponent, Yrden to make a ring which - once your opponent is inside - slows them and makes them more susceptible. Finally, there is Quen, which creates a shield around the player, and is probably the most useful of the lot. There are some flaws to the combat though, such as the repetitive nature of it and the fact that in some areas it just feels a little unrefined. For example, you may be trying to attack one enemy, but accidentally swipe at another. This can become quite a nuisance, but is easily manageable.

Combat: 9/10

Leveling and Skills:

The Witcher 3 has quite a unique and diverse leveling and skill system. It has a variety of different skills to pick from. There is the combat skill tree, sign tree, alchemy and a more general section. You start off the game with only one skill slot unlocked so you can only have one skill active at a time. As you level you gain skill points to purchase these skills and unlock more skill slots. There are also mutagens. Mutagens are essentially mutations to upgrade your characters efficiency doing certain tasks. There are four sections for your selected skills and you place the mutagens next to each section in your active skills, with four mutagens active at a time. There are many mutagen types, and they all either upgrade alchemy, sign or combat. Placing them next to active skills of the same type will add a larger skill bonus. All this is very well done. You level at a good speed and learn which skills are best and which aren't with time. There aren't any particular skills which are over-powered and none that are completely useless. It is very well-balanced overall.

Leveling and Skills: 9.5/10


The graphics are very good. There is a nice contrast of light in some areas but dark in others and this is done very well. In the bustling city of Novigrad, for example, everything is bright and colourful. This nicely captures the feel of the city. In contrast, when exploring dark caverns and dungeons it feels very gloomy and cold (as it should) and any lights cast eerie shadows throughout. The actual textures are nothing particularly special, but are still very far from an eyesore.

Graphics: 9.7/10


The entire game is extremely good. It has a balanced skill and leveling system, a fantastic story which really pulls you in, and a fun-to-use combat system (despite it's few but obvious flaws) There are a very limited number of bugs and glitches, and the ones that do exist are very rarely game-breaking.

Overall: 9.5/10

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