The Evolution of Technology How does the development of technology impact people's lives?

How humans have changed due to technology

Two homeless children picking through trash hoping to find something that could put their life back together. Motivation and hope is what drives these two soulmates. No family, no set destination for their future. Their home is a big mountain of filthy junk and each day these two distresses children look through the mountain of trash in a search for food, water, equipment that could help them build shelter, or anything that would help them stay alive and active. These two little children are the main characters in the book “Trash” by Andy Mulligan. They are placed in this low life where independency is the main component of survival. A dull and disgraceful environment that can’t provide their people with their basic needs of life because of lack of the communities automation. The understanding of this type of life is not completely understood by all humans because of difference in lifestyle. Take me for an example who thinks this is shocking because, I who live in such a modern and wealthy environment where everything around us is built to help us become successful in whatever we strive to do with our lives. Whether it was my parents, siblings, teachers, friends, I grew up always knowing that there is always someone by my side throughout my progression to success because of the environmental status I live in.

How technology leads to success

I believe that the amount of modern technology that your environment contains will affect your future because of the advantages that technology brings you. Knowledge is one of the key things that technology brings. This idea of technology for me symbolizes wealthy active schools. All the computers, phones, machinery that is being used everyday without anyone really thinking about it. Kevin Kelly a professional speaker introduced a quote “technology is anything that was invented after you were born”, said by an american computer scientist- Alan Kay. This quotes relates back to my interpretation of schools because the article is revealing how communities with less money can’t afford as much technology because of corruption, which proved my idea of all human not being born with the same opportunities correct. However, since humans use their environment that they live in differently everyone will have a different future based on how big of an impact their surrounding have on them. Let’s take me for example, I have the luxury of going to school everyday and doing some sort of physical activity after school with other people. All of these things that I do after school help me educationally and socially. But does it really help me learn about myself? This is where the difference in lifestyle and your communities technology status really reveals how children grow up differently based on the amount of technology your community obtains. The knowledge of how how others live is very limited because of someone's environment.

The usage of technology in schools

My personal experience with technology is extremely broad, but my knowledge of how life is like living in communities without technology is very limited. Technology’s affect on you is based on how you use it and how much you let it be a part of your life. For instance, it is often said by many people that becoming successful in a world wide famous sport such as soccer is much harder for people who live in wealthy environments than what it is for people who live in corrupt environments where technology is limited. So, I went into deeper thought about this response and researched on why people might of presented this thought. I watched presentations by many different famous speakers such as Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, and Nick Vujicic about this topic. What they all had in common was that they all mentioned that your background doesn’t matter. One quote that correlates back to that is “it doesn’t matter where you came from, it matters about heart” said by Eric Thomas. I thought this was interesting because I interpreted their understanding into my idea that it doesn’t matter how much technology is evolved around your life, it matters how you use the advantages that your community contains. Raphael and Gardo in the book trash lived an extreme low life, just up until they found information and technology that could help them reach success in life. This settles my idea that background and usage of technology doesn’t matter, it’s how you take your environment that you live in as an advantage.

This correlates to my idea that technology limits our freedom from who we are. Almost everything we do online, is in some way controlled by the government. So even though we have our first amendment right (state all rights) everything we have accessible to us on our devices is being run and controlled by the government. What we don’t notice is that we are being manipulated by the government into thinking that technology allows more freedom where it actually takes part of our freedom away because the more technology the less freedom. However, some people view this fact differently, some view it as technology provides us more freedom because it allows us to educate ourselves on information which could guide us for our future goals. An article called “Are Tech Habits Hurting Your Grades” written by Shannon Doyne, exclusively relating back to the fact that teens take advantage of technology and use it for off task activity. So while technology could help educate students on on in depth information, it could also cause distractions which could limit the students learning. However, schools that have access to more technology, have a easier time spreading information. And the spread if information is one thing that drives specific movements or protests in the world, especially when it has to do with human rights and racial inequality.

Freedom is limited by technology

The human rights movement is a major conflict that is occurring throughout the world today and has been for a long time now. One thing that has influenced the spread of this movement is technology. “Technology helps in gathering new and different kinds of information to document human rights violation” said by a director of the human rights movement, Iain Lavin. This is because technology offers tremendous opportunities for these human rights organizations. This allows stories that have yet to be told to be spread, influencing the growth of this movement. Relating back the book where the kids used father Juilliard to get into a school where they could use a computed to research about the man Gabriel Olondriz. Since they had never been exposed to such high tech before, they were blown with the amount of information that they could find out about the man. This correlates to the global spread of the human rights movement because the more information that people have access to, the more people will believe that certain peoples rights are being taken away because of their religion, origin, race, etc… So, after educating myself on this subject, I have learned many new things and I think it is safe to say that information and technology can change somebody’s life in many ways.

The entire story line of “Trash” was changed by knowledge brought to them by technology. People's lives change positively and negatively by technology. The importance and the power that technology contains is so big, that it can change somebody’s life by not even being there. People that live in environments with technology have different goals for their future because some future occupations are just simply impossible for them to achieve. The human rights movement would believably no longer exist without the access to social media, and how was social media built, by technology. So it is clear to say that almost everything, including successions, conflicts, failures, are all related back to technology. So when people ask- what do we do about this issue? There is just simply one response to that question, there is nothing that can be done, because eliminating it, or influence the spread of technology, will both change people’s lives forever.


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