Time Management

Semester Plan: The Big Picture
Weekly Plan: The Ideal Week
Daily Plan: The Nitty-Gritty

Part 2:


While doing this exhibit I really started to realize where all of my time went to in a day. When I first started I doing this it was hard for me to remember to keep track of everything that I was doing. I would try to go by the monthly plan as precisely as I could, but as I went along I saw that some of it had changed from the way that I first put on the calendar. This also made me change the way that I do things. I would eventually start to do more productive things instead of doing things that really didn’t do anything good for me. I feel if I had of did the day by day plan over more than a span of 3 days I would have found out more information about the things that I do. Overall, I feel like this exhibit was one of the more helpful ones that I had to do.

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