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Inspiration for Logo
Living Ink Plate

Our company is called Smart scrubs and our logo is a scrub top with a cross detail on it. We work towards making protective garments for medical/health professionals that are environmentally friendly. Our products include scrubs and hospital gowns. All of which are made of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton. Our company also aims to reduce the amount of waste caused by synthetic dyes which is why the green dye we use is produced by bacteria. The process is completely harmless.

So how exactly do we create the ink? The harmless process is called Bacterial Transformation. The bacteria is in something called a cuvette. The first step is to put the the bacteria into a warm bath for 90 seconds to help open the "pores" of the bacteria. That way, the plasmid will be able to easily get inside of the bacteria. After 90 seconds, the cuvette is placed in ice to cool down for a couple of minutes. The cool temperature causes the pores to close so that the plasmid is trapped. The last step, is adding L broth (food for the bacteria), so it can produce the green ink.

Some challenges we encountered was that the ink wasn't showing up well on the Petri dish so we had to draw over our logo several times so that the color could actually show up. Also, it was difficult to draw tiny details like our cross on our logo.

If we could redesign the project, we would dedicate the first few days to practicing drawing our logo on paper to avoid wasting Petri dishes. We could have also researched how existing companies use Bacteria Transformation to create their products as well.


Created with images by phalinn - "OT" • Skitterphoto - "trees hill green" • eLife - the journal - "Meta3C network of a population of bacteria isolated from a water environment"

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