Once Upon an Education The children need fairy tales

Fairy tales are entertaining and educational stories for children of all ages to read.
A child is focused on what is going on in the story when he or she reads fairy tales because the stories are entertaining.

Upper Elementary students should have fairy tales in their literature class because the student will enjoy the required reading. The students will be focused on the reading and learn from the stories.

A student's critical thinking skills will be strengthened because of fairy tales. Fairy tales have deeper meaning in the stories that teach students valuable life lessons. the teacher will also help a student's critical thinking skills when the teacher goes over the significance of the reading.

Illustrations in Fairy tales also help strengthen a student's critical thinking. The ILLUSTRATIONS further emphasize the deeper life lessons taught in the fairy tales. a child first reads about the lessons in the fairy tales then sees the lesson taught in the illustrations.

Reading fairy tales can make a student more engaged in class because they enjoyed the reading.


Created with images by David Masters - "365 x3 Classics for Summer Reading" • Pezibear - "person human child" • crackdog - "Snow White illustration from german children's book 1919" • CircaSassy - "The Tales of Mother Goose 1901" • mechanicalcurator - "Image taken from page 68 of '[Midsummer Eve: a fairy tale of love.]'"

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