LGA NEWS EDITION 05, DATE: 20 November 2020


Lord Grey students continue to do amazing things and in this Newsletter you can read about some of their achievements.

During tutor time today I was able to visit several Year 8 tutor groups to congratulate students on their attitudes to learning. This was part of a celebration assembly organised by Mrs Masey that took place simultaneously across 12 tutor groups and it was so good to see so many students being recognised for the positive attitudes and hard work that they have shown in year 8 so far. Well done to Miss Reid's tutor group who, together, had the highest attitude to learning scores of all the year 8 tutor groups.

Over the last few weeks we have collected attitude to learning scores for all students in all subjects and your child's form tutor will be in contact with you soon to discuss what this means and how we can work together to make attitudes to learning even more positive. We hope that this conversation is helpful and consolidates the relationship between the form tutor, student and family.

As you will probably already know by now, we have a number of staff who are required to self isolate which has caused us to not be able to operate our full timetable. As a result Year 10 students are having to work at home for three days. We very much hope that this will be a temporary situation but parents need to be aware that there is a possibility that we may have to put such measures in place with other year groups should there be a need to. We have been very lucky so far not to have had significant numbers of students impacted by Covid - our collective fingers are firmly crossed in the hope that this continues.

Jim Parker, Principal.


As part of the Waves of Praise here at Lord Grey Academy, the Heads of Faculty choose a student whom they feel deserve recognition from a nomination shortlist provided by teachers in the faculty.

A member of the Leadership Team delivers a certificate, along with a bar of chocolate, to each of the winning students during a lesson on Friday in order to celebrate their achievements with them and their fellow students.


Due to a small technical difficulty, our Virtual Open Evening has not gone live. You can visit our Sixth Form page on the Lord Grey Academy website to find out information about our Sixth Form, and find a digital version of our prospectus.

A video will be shared with our Year 11 students during form time this coming week and each year 11 student will be bringing home a hard copy of the prospectus too.

The online application form will be live from January, and we are looking forward to discussing options with the students in the upcoming months.

Jason Darvall

Students’ Personal Development

At Lord Grey Academy we have had a strong history of helping students grow in ways wider than just the academic curriculum. Skills such as team-building, leadership, reliability and interests which help them develop as rounded and interesting young people are often developed away from the classroom.

Presently the Academy and other organisations (sports and music clubs for example) are not able to run many of the sorts of activities which helped with students’ development in those ways, but we do have many students who really stepped up in the first lockdown, either doing things for their community or starting hobbies and activities which helped them grow as young people.

The assembly this Monday gave the examples of Ruby who leaned British Sign Language, Jacob whose MK Dons team won a National Revision Challenge, beating teams from, amongst others, Aston Villa and Brighton on the way and Ollie who raised over £1000 for the NHS with his sponsored drumming.

I then set the challenge to all students to make a commitment to improve something of their personal development during the next few months. This could be learning a new skill, starting a new pastime, or some community action.

Please discuss this with your student; what activity could they start up which would be practical for you to support, particularly given the restrictions we are currently experiencing? I’ve asked Form Tutors to collate the activities their tutees are going to set as targets and review how they are getting on over the course of the next few months.

We really want to see the young people show that they and Lord Grey Can step up at a time which is setting us all many challenges.

If you have any questions please email me david.smith@lordgrey.org.uk

David Smith

Lord Grey Academy Virtual Orchestra Christmas Performance

You may have seen our Virtual Orchestra performing Bitter Sweet Symphony during the first Lockdown and many Students wished they'd been able to take part, well now they can!

Lord Grey Academy's Virtual Orchestra will be undertaking a special Christmas Performance, that we'd love for all students to be involved in.

The video will be released just before the end of term, and we'll make sure to feature it in our last newsletter of the year too!

Local Parking issues

We would like to remind all parents, carers and guardians of students at Lord Grey Academy that when dropping off or collecting students, they should be they should be parking appropriately and obeying the law.

We have had several local residents let us know if issues, happening around Lord Grey and so we'd like to remind all;

  • Please do not block or park on private driveways
  • Please do not park on double yellow lines
  • Please do not use Rickley Park as a collection point for Lord Grey students

The Academy gates are closed from 14:55 until 15:10 to ensure the safe departure of our students.

Thank you for your help in keeping our community safe.

Great Revision News!

During October, year 10 and year 11 students at Lord Grey Academy were given access to a great new resource, called GCSEpod, to aid them in their Revision for the GCSE's.

GCSEpod has a library of over 6,000 ‘Pods,’ 3-5 minute videos designed to deliver knowledge in short bursts. Studies have shown that GCSEpod makes learning and revision much more manageable.

We are proud to announce that we recently reached 5,000 streams and downloads on GCSEpod.

News from Careers


It's great that 40% of Year 11 have created their Unifrog accounts and many are logging in every day to find out and favourite courses and careers. Unifrog is jam packed with information about further education, higher education, skills, competencies, careers. It has tests to find your working preferences, a way to record volunteering and part time work experiences, and even a CV builder. If your student hasn't used Unifrog yet, please encourage them to do so. They will find the welcome email by searching for Uniforg in their academy email accounts. It was sent during half term.

Plans for Year 12

I know next September 2021 seems a long way off, but Year 11s need to get their plans in place as soon as they can. Sixth forms are having open events online at the moment, and the local colleges run several online events every month. You can apply online for most of them as well.

Life doesn't always go the way we planned, so as well as your first choice, have a safety net. If you are aiming for a level 3 course in 6th form and need at least grade 5s in your GCSEs to get onto it, what will you do if you miss those grades? There are always a few students on results day in August who come to me because they have missed out on their planned place. When they happens, they may end up on a course that they really don't want to do - which will be no fun and puts them at much higher risk of dropping out. Far better to have a second choice to go to. The key word is choice - it'll be something they have chosen, not one of the left over places once everyone else has signed up.

Visit the open events, talk to tutors, use Unifrog, and book a careers appointment. Then get those applications in. You can apply for as many places as you want. You only have to make your final decision on results day.


Although the economic situation has certainly resulted in fewer apprenticeships available, they are still out there. Most of the ones advertised at the moment will have start dates too soon for our students, but it's still a good idea to keep an eye out for what comes up so you can see what they pay, what skills and qualifications they ask for and so on. Some degree apprenticeships are just starting their recruitment for September 2021, and you'll find many more, at all levels, appearing in the Spring. Check out www.apprenticeships.gov.uk as well as the recruitment pages of large companies.

Amazing Apprenticeships have published their Parents' and Carers' Pack for November. Download it here to read about the regional apprenticeship awards, top apprenticeship employers, traineeships, trade apprenticeships and much more.

News from Colossus House

Keah, a year 11 student, is creating Christmas hampers to raise money for the Coloussus house charity MK SNAP. Look out on our Facebook page and Twitter account for more details on how you can pre-order a hamper.

Mia, a year 10 student is also working hard to raise money for a local charity. Mia is heading up the creation of Christmas cards that she will sell to raise money for Willen Hospice. Again, all details will be on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

And Finally

A group of our Year 10 students, from across the four houses are using plastic bottles to make a greenhouse at Bletchley Youth Centre. We've had lots of bottles sent in, but we're still collecting, so please do continue to send them in to us at the HUB!

Miss Hussey and Ms Whalley, Colossus House

News from turing house

The Milton Keynes Food Bank relies entirely on donations of food and money from local schools, churches, businesses, organisations and individuals. Every single item or penny given makes a difference.

Each year Turing House, collects donations from the students at Lord Grey Academy to support our local community. Donations are welcome to be dropped off to Turing House by Students any time right up until December 11th 2020.

Any food items are of course gratefully recieved, but at this time of year the items that are normally low in stocks are:

  • Tinned Spaghetti
  • Tinned Custard
  • Tinned Rice Pudding
  • Tinned Fruit
  • Tinned Meat
  • Jars of Spread (Jam, Peanut Butter, Marmite etc)
  • Biscuits
  • Long Life Juice

Mrs Wasway and Miss Brown, Turing House

Information about the school day


  • Head of House - Colossus: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Enigma: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Lorenz: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups
  • Head of House - Turing: Click this LINK to view the tutor groups

If you would like to let us know of any changes to your contact details, please email our Registrar using the following email address registrar@lordgrey.org.uk.

Privacy Notice

May we remind you that information related to the Youth Support Service Agreement can be found on our website under General Information/Policies, Statements & Notices/Policies - Notices or by clicking on the following link: https://www.lordgrey.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Student-Privacy-Notice-June-2019.pdf

Resources to help support us all...

ethos team latest blog post

As we enter another period of restrictions due to the Coronavirus, it is vital that we continue to look after our mental as well as our physical health. Discover our top tips in our latest blog post, which you can find on the link below.


Community Larder

The Community Larder is a membership programme where anyone can buy their shopping for as little as £3.50 per week and help reduce perfectly good food going to waste.

All items at the Water Eaton Community Larder would have been sent to landfill despite being delicious and having several months or even years left until their expiration dates!

An individual membership provides up to 10 items of non-perishables (pasta, tins etc) per week plus free fruit and vegetables.

The Water Eaton Community Larder is open every Tuesday between 2pm-4pm. The address for the Water Eaton Community Larder is: Water Eaton Church Centre, Drayton Road, Bletchley, MK2 3RR

If you would like to talk through the process of becoming a member, please ring 07435 884980 between normal office hours, or find more information on www.sofea.uk.com

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