Explainer Videos Jorge Santiago - 2019

Week 1 - Rough Cut

​I've used Premiere Rush in the past, so I opted to do a little bit more with audio settings. Basically adjusted the audio background noise, volume level and used the Voice and Female presets.

Adjusted a little bit of the video color on the first clip as well. This is definitely a rough cut. Video has a long way to go.

Looking forward to a final cut. Will need to re-do audio. Maybe do a voice over narration.

Week 2 - Final Video

​I finally made it. This was a lot more time consuming than I remember.

This was the first time I actually attempted to edit directly from the mobile app. It seemed intuitive, then I came back to the desktop and some of the voice overs I recorded were missing. It was a lot harder to manipulate the clips than in Premiere, but it's still a good started app.

For my final video I added background music, titles, transitions, zoom video and 1 J cut.

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