Crescent island Morgan,kylee,rachel,cypress

Crescent island is a island that is half under water and half above water. With a population of 500 people. Even of 250 girls and 250 boys. Our power comes from a hydroelectric generator.

This is our school where children from ages of 6-16 go to. When they turn 17 then they start looking for their jobs but they don't receive the job until they are 18.

Our currency is sand dollars that you recieve from a job. They are each worth $5.

This is our technology room where you recieve your hover board when you turn 14. The hover board is our transportation.

Our utopia is divided into two parts half for the poor and half for the rich.

Our motto is kindness reaches more community's. If you break two rules in the community then you get flushed down the tube into another community.

Our maps
Our flag

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