Is Job Automation Going to Create an Unemployment Crisis? Owen Magasich - Pd. 7

Across the world, people are losing their jobs to machines. Job automation is a problem that many people face when they are replaced by a robot that can do everything that they can, but better. More and more people have this problem every year, and it’s only getting worse. Unless something changes, the outcome is clear. Job automation is going to create an unemployment crisis.

Robots can do specific jobs better than humans in every way. It costs much less to maintain a workforce of machines than it does to pay workers. If a robot breaks, it can be easily replaced, while a person could quit or sue the company. Companies have no reason to employ people when the job can be automated.

Almost 15% of jobs in the US could be automated with today’s technology. As time passes, more and more jobs will be done by robots. Every year, robots become more intelligent and able to work more. Already, an AI can recognize brain tumors better than trained doctors, and computers are becoming smart enough to write news articles. Self-driving cars will all but remove the need for human drivers. There are many more examples of technology that will eventually take over jobs. As more jobs can be replaced, more people will lose their jobs.

Many people have lost their jobs already, and many more will in the future. Already, 58% of CEOs plan to fire their existing employees. About 80% of people think that their job will still exist in the future, but many common jobs are at risk. Restaurant workers, journalists, and accountants are all likely to be fully automated in the near future. Any job that mainly consists of data processing, repetitive work, or simple tasks has a large risk of being automated.

A common counterargument is that we have been faced with threats to the economy before, and came out fine. The issue that we will soon be facing is much larger than anything that has happened before. There are more and more jobs at risk every year, and with the current advancements in robotics and AI, there are very little jobs that will be safe. If we want to survive job automation, we are going to need to change how we view employment as a society. Unless something is done, job automation is going to create unemployment around the world.

These graphs show which jobs are most likely to be automated in the future.




By Machines

People Unemployed

They were replaced. Automated.


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