Royal Life in 2016 a review of the royal family's year

1. First Day of School

On January 6, Prince William and Catherine dropped Prince George off to started his first day of school at Thomas London Day School.

Prince George enjoying his first day of school.

In this highly esteemed day school, Prince George will learn all the basics for following in his parents's footsteps.

The link above explains in detail, the facilities, resources, etc. that Thomas's London Day School prides itself in providing for its students and their families.

A brief overview of the school Prince George attends.

2. Family Vacation

Almost as soon as Prince George gets to work at school, it's vacation time!

As you can see by these pictures, the young royal family had a wonderful skiing trip to the French Alps at the beginning of the year. According to the Kensington Palace twitter account, it was a time they'll never forget after experiencing many things for the first time.

3. Prince Harry Visits Nepal

Prince Harry enjoying the culture and people of Nepal.

The prince went on a trip of his own a few months into the year for a five day trip to Nepal. While in the country, he participated in a series of meetings, tours and hikes. Below is a link to a more in-depth look at Prince Harry's reasons for traveling there.

4. Trip to India and Bhutan.

Not long after Prince Harry went on his trip, the Royal couple left the country again, by themselves this time. These pictures above and the video below highlight the eventful trip they had to India.

5. Trooping the Colour

One year old Princess Charlotte was deemed old enough to joined in on part of the celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday. She joined her family on the Buckingham Palace Balcony for the first time to take mart in the "Trooping the Colour".

6. The Queen Turns 90 years old

Of course, the Queen herself was on the Balcony for the celebration of her birthday. This infographic will give you a short jog down memory lane of the 90 years the Queen has lived.

Queen Elizabeth didn't spend her whole birthday on the Buckingham Palace Balcony. She celebrated in many different ways which are described in the link below.

The Queen celebrating her birthday.

7. American Visitors

The Obamas Visited Kensington Palace not long after the Queen's birthday celebrations died down. William and Kate welcomed them into their home. Even little Prince George shake the President's hand before bedtime. This link describes the visit in detail.

Prince George meets the President.

8. The Princess's First Birthday

It's debatable whether or not Princess Charlotte stole the spotlight from the Queen as she turned one not long after the Queen reached 90. The princess was photographed on her special day to document the memory.

This picture says it all. The youngest member of the Royal family looks like a perfect doll in this photo released on her first birthday.

From day one, Will and Kate have been overjoyed at Charlotte's arrival. Their smiles in this video on the day they took their princess home are priceless.

9. Live HIV Test

Prince Harry doesn't have a family of his own as the younger son, but he follows in his mother's footsteps as she was an advocate for HIV tests. In honour of his late mother, he underwent a second live HIV test with pop star Rhianna when he visited Barbados. He didn't seem at all nervous for the results, whoever the nerve did make the experience quite awkward. The link below shows the live coverage from the prince's experience.

10. Royal's Tour in Canada

To end off the year, the Royal's visited Canada as a family for a tour of the country. They had an exciting itinerary for their stay and got the full Canadian experience.

The Royal family enjoying their stay in Canada.

This visit from the Royals was definitely a major highlight for Canada over the year of 2016. Hopefully they will come again soon if they can fit us into their busy schedule! Though the Royal family did a lot in the year of 2016, they're bound to have many more adventures in the years to come.

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