Temple of Heaven,China a unesco world heritage site

The tradition to entering and the start of a sacrifice of the Temple of Heaven.

The Temple of Heaven Located south of the Forbidden City on the east side of Yonge Nei Dajie, the original Altar of Heaven and Earth was completed together with the Forbidden City in 1420, the eighteenth year of the reign of the Ming Emperor Yongle. In the ninth year of the reign of Emperor Jiajing (1530) the decision was taken to offer separate sacrifices to heaven and earth, and so the Circular Mound Altar was built to the south of the main hall for sacrifices particularly to heaven. The Altar of Heaven and Earth was thereby renamed the Temple of Heaven in the thirteenth year of the reign of Emperor Jiajing (1534). The current arrangement of the Temple of Heaven complex covering 273 ha was formed by 1749 after reconstruction by the Qing emperors Qianlong and Guangxu.

This is an example of a sacrifice
This would be right above the sacrifice of the animal.

The Temple of Heaven, founded in the first half of the 15th century, is a dignified complex of fine cult buildings set in gardens and surrounded by historic pine woods. In its overall layout and that of its individual buildings, it symbolizes the relationship between earth and heaven – the human world and God's world – which stands at the heart of Chinese cosmogony, and also the special role played by the emperors within that relationship,that is what makes this site so significant

If the site isn't protected enough the temple will soon decay no one would care or even know and the temple will fall and soon become invisible a lost culture to not see and if you dont see it people wont believe it.
protect the culture of china and the temple!

The only main way to visit the temple is by plane to get to china then of course Originally the Temple of Heaven had only one main gate, which faced west, but after it was made a public park in 1949, entrances were also opened on the northern, southern and eastern sides. So now it mainly has four gates – East, South, West and North. Both East Gate and South Gate are highly recommended. East Gate: If you want to see the local people engaged in all kinds of morning activities, you are advised to enter the east gate since most of the morning activities are carried out around the east gate area.The East Gate entrance is also close to the subway line 05. If you enter the east gate, then your walking itinerary would be east gate – long corridor – The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest – The Imperial Vault of Heaven – Circular Mound Altar – South Gate. After your north – south tour of the temple, you may turn back and go out of the east gate and head to the Hongqiao Market across the road. South Gate: Start your tour by entering the south gate, then walk along Danbiqiao raised way to visit Circular Mound Altar – The Imperial Vault of Heaven, The Hall of Prayer for Harvest – Long Corridor – East Gate – Hongqiao Market.If you visit the Temple of Heaven through the east gate, you take subway line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen Station and take exit A. The East Gate entrance is right there. For the public buses to the east gate, you may try bus 6, 35, 36, 39, 41, 43 so with that being said make sure to have fun. By the way you shouldnt worry about going at night its even better to see the temple at night!

And don worry about food or sleep the Holiday Inn Express Beijing Temple of Heaven has your back and its only 15 minutes away from the temple!
This is the temple at night!

be apart of the Chinese culture learn more of them then your self go to this site then the least is to protect it this temple is a religious and very cultural are it shows what this people believe in and it is very special and ancient its wrong to forget about it this was an event in time of china and its very meaningful even if you don believe in the culture show respect as others do to your culture your race and religious there is so much in the world that has been forgotten and the Temple of Heaven wont be one.

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