Carter Braxton

Birth: September 16, 1736 in King and Queen County, Virginia

Death: October 10, 1797 in Richmond, Virginia

Why was he important? His family was well known but that's not really the reason. He was active and and influential in the Virginia Legislature from 1777 to 1785. He was also apart of the Council of State and invested a great deal of money to the American Revolution.

What contributions did he bring to the development of our society? Signing the Declaration of Independence, helping out with the American Revolution and etc.

Did he sign the declaration of independence or another important document? Yes, Carter Braxton signed the Declaration of Independence.

Did he fight in the American Revolution? No, he did not right in the American Revolution but he did give money to them.

Was he ever President or serve in any form of our American Government? From 1786 to 1797 he was elected, and re-elected, a member of the Council of State.

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